Men’s Wedding Band Styles: What’s Your Style?

Mens Wedding Band

While the bride’s wedding ring deservedly gets the most attention, there are a ton of decisions to make when it comes to men’s wedding band styles. Whether you’re looking to pick out your own ring or you are looking to pick out a ring for your husband, you may need some guidance.

Where do you start and what are the pros and cons of the different options? Keep reading to find out how to pick out the perfect men’s wedding ring.

Mens Wedding Band

Men’s Wedding Band Styles: A Symbol of Swag

If you’re going to wear something on your finger for the rest of your life you should make sure it fits your style. Maybe you’re a simple kind of person or maybe you appreciate the blend of materials like metal and wood.

You could also be unique and go against the system altogether, flexing a Rolex as an engagement watch.

Pick a Material

Most people think of different metals when picking out a wedding band. You may immediately picture a gold band but there are plenty of other options that you may find interesting.


Palladium is a very flashy metal but won’t break the bank. It’s also great for those with active lifestyles as it is lightweight and perfect for everyday wear. It isn’t as durable as other rings though so you’ll want to be careful.


Tungsten is very popular as it is a very durable material but it can be rather heavy because of that. The other advantage is that it has the ability to have options like engraving and wood inlays, providing a lot of personalization.


White gold, yellow gold, and even rose gold are just some of the options when it comes to the gold rings that you can choose to make them stand out a bit from the crowd. Gold rings are traditional for a reason and even a simple gold ring is always going to be stylish.

Gold is the ultimate choice for formal attire and will match whatever formal shirt you’re wearing for the big day.

To Bling or Not to Bling

There are more options after your choice of metal. Many men choose to forego any sort of gems or stones in their rings, but that doesn’t mean that you have to if you don’t want to.


Diamonds are the obvious choice. You don’t have to put a giant rock on top of your ring. One or more simple diamonds inlaid into the ring is a great way to give some style and luxury to mens wedding bands.

Precious Stones

If you want to go against the norm, consider looking at your birthstone or maybe even your fiance’s birthstone. A beautiful ruby or emerald won’t just look great on your ring but it will give it a story that makes it a part of you.

A King’s Ring

Whatever ring you choose, make sure it fits who you are. Don’t be afraid to go for complete swagger if you want. The good news is that whatever your price point is, the odds are good that you’ll be able to find something you love.

Men’s wedding band styles are as varied and unique as you are. For more advice and news on men’s style and lifestyle, read more here.

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