Megaclusters slots – Are they the next big thing?

Megaclusters slots

Whilst the world of online slots may be home to hundreds of themes, styles and variations of flashing lights and sounds, every now and again a gaming mechanic comes along that looks set to change the path of what is being offered to players.

Back in 2016 we were introduced by Big Time Gaming to the first Megaways™ slot that was named Dragon Born Megaways. Little did anybody within the iGaming industry know that this would set off a revolution of new slots, that would be packed with the most entertaining and high paying features that had ever been seen.

Fast forward to 2020 and Megaways is now one of the most established gaming engines worldwide. Through the licensing of the mechanic, a number of game providers have managed to amass over 100 titles between them, with the vast majority of these games taking the prime position in casino lobbies globally.

Big Time Gaming continue to innovate

Whilst the Megaways train continues to steam on with new slot developers still acquiring the license to produce their own games, Big Time Gaming were already one step ahead and looking how they could further enhance their growing reputation as industry leaders in game development. But just how do you eclipse something as powerful and successful as Megaways?

Megaclusters is born

Whilst Megaways tends to cover the generic online slot machine as we know it, there was still very much an opening for innovation in the area of grid slots, and this is where the boffins at Big Time Gaming focused their attention next.

We may all be familiar with the classic cluster pays slot where groups of symbols join together within the playfield to form wins. But what better way to innovate and develop to make something bigger and more lavish than to make it a mega version of itself. This saw BTG take their idea of increasing and varying the amount of ways to win in a normal slot, to adapting the grid and symbols within a cluster pays game to create the new series of Megaclusters slots, where more symbols can be generated on each spin that takes place.

What was the first game called that featured the Megaclusters mechanic?

The initial slot to feature the Megaclusters gaming engine is called Star Clusters, with the slot carrying somewhat of a basic space theme, but very well designed with high playability. The symbols of the game are presented as coloured gems which gave the designers more time to concentrate on the workings of the engine, rather than worrying about intricate themes and designs of symbols.

What Features are included in Megaclusters slots?

To date this highly entertaining mechanic is in its infancy, but that doesn’t mean that Megaclusters is limited as to what it can offer players who want to try their luck on games that include this mechanic.

High volatile action will be provided through features such as cascading reels that give even more chances to win. Then you have multiplying wilds, that when included in winning clusters can see wins hit enormous heights and provide a huge return on a players stake.

Of course the free spin bonuses are what players live for, and you will find these packed with excitement in the Megaclusters series of online slots. As the niche of slots develops further, the amount of modifiers and enhancements to bonus rounds will increase and become even more creative and inventive.

Will the Megaclusters mechanic be licensed like Megaways?

The good news for slot lovers around the globe is that Big Time Gaming have decided to license out the Megaclsuters mechanic to other providers, just as they did with the Megaways gaming engine.

It’s believed that a number of gaming providers are set to acquire this license and begin developing new titles and adapting older slots so that the Megaclusters mechanic can be integrated.

Having seen the success that Megaways has had internationally, it is expected that those interested in the gaming engine will waste little time in getting their hands on it, and bringing slots to the market to try and get an early foothold and an edge on their competitors.

How many slots are likely to be made that feature Megaclusters?

This will likely be down to how successful the mechanic as a whole is with players around the world. Early rumblings though suggest that we will be seeing plenty of games that feature this new mechanic, so if you think that in a few years Megaways have produced over 100 slots, it’s certainly feasible to say that Megaclusters will do the same, or even surpass that amount.

So will Megaclusters be the new jewel in the crown and be here to stay, or is it just a flash in the pan?

Megaclusters is definitely here to stay and has the potential to overtake Megaways as the number 1 gaming engine featured in online casinos around the world. There are a host of talented developers licking their lips at the prospect of creating masterpieces that feature this highly advanced and exciting mechanic. The question really is not if Megaclusters are the next big thing, but more who will rule the roost and dominate the market with the most successful slots that feature it.