Master Windows 10 in 2020 with these 10 Tips

Windows 10

Unlike Apple, Windows does not reveal its major options and tricks of their version. If you are a new user or using Windows 10 for a long time, it is good to know some tidbits in the OS. This makes our work more efficient and productive.

To help you out, we have made the following hack-guide on some of the best tricks that you can use in Windows 10 to become your own “Master”.

1. Let Cortana Do All Your Work

Microsoft’s voice assistant Cortana is more than you think of it. It lets you create emails, write memos, open any program, do calculations, set alarms, and receive notifications about the delivery of your packages. A user can perform such tasks while working on a different tab.

2. Minimize All Unnecessary Tabs with A “Shake”

If you are working on a bunch of tabs and you want to minimize all of them, it is frustrating (and boring too) to click on the minimize button for every tab. So, to clear the clutter of your desktop from all unnecessary tabs perform this: 

1. Click the title bar of the window you are working on.

2. Now, shake the tab back and forth for 2-3 times.

This will result in minimizing all the background tabs while leaving the current tab open. Cool, isn’t it?

3. Lock the Desktop Automatically When You Leave

Sometimes we forget what we were doing on our computer while on a break. This could ruin our privacy concerns and could leak out any vital information without your consent. To prevent the happening of this, use the Dynamic Lock feature.

This feature allows you to pair your smartphone (can be a non-Windows phone) to your PC via Bluetooth. If you are present with your phone outside the range, the PC automatically shuts itself off and goes into power-saving mode. Learn more about Dynamic Lock Feature here.

4. Use “Secret” Start Menu

Many of us know how to open the Start Menu on Windows. You have to click on the all-time round icon on the left bottom corner or press the Windows key on your keyboard. Well, Windows 10 comes with a secret start menu that allows you to wiggle in-between some prominent tools.

To access the secret start menu, simply click Windows Key + X or you can right-click on the Windows icon. This will give you access to Command prompt, task manager, and control panel, all at the same time. You can also refer to this article byThe Windows Clubto learn more Windows 10 tips and tricks.

5. Go for the High-Performance Power

We know Microsoft keeps their OS on minimum optimization levels. This leaves to us whether we want to increase the speed and run time of our computer or not. And we suggest you should do it.

To use the high-performance power plan, go to the Power Options in the Control Panel. Now, toggle on change performance and set it on “High”. This will prevent your computer from “Power Saving” mode and increase your CPU efficiency.

6. Create Events Without the Calendar

Did you know that you could set a reminder or create an event without opening your calendar app? Yes, it’s true. And to start with, you have to open your taskbar. Navigate to the Date and Time section on the bar.

It should be on the right top corner. Now, click on the date for the respective event. Enter the name and the location of the event. Next, set the time. And Done! Your event has been set without opening your calendar app.

7. Remove Ads from Start Menu

The ads are typically frustrating and cover unnecessary spaces on the desktop. Though Windows aren’t a big fan of the advertisements, they surely provided “Suggestions” in the new Windows 10.

If you want to get rid of the particular suggestions, go to Settings. Click Personalization and select Start. Now, toggle the button on “Show Suggestions Occasionally” to ‘Off’. This will remove all the suggestions from now on. Check the post to learn more about Ad Control.

8. Background Scrolling

Working on two or more tabs could be difficult. This could be frustrating when you want to swipe in-between these tabs regularly. With its latest version, Windows 10 allows a user to scroll such tabs, even if you are working on a different one.

To perform this, open any two apps on your desktop. Say, you open Control Panel and Notes. Set the two apps in such a way that you can see some texts written on them. Now, move your cursor on any one of the tabs and scroll your mouse wheel. This will move the tab according to your preference.

9. Optimize Your Privacy

Microsoft has always kept the mum’s word on their private features. But seeing some recent privacy concerns by many, Windows 10 has been observed as an invader in your private features. To see what Microsoft stores about your personal information, go to account.microsoft.com/privacy.

Now, open your Cloud Dashboard. Here, you can see your browser search history, notebook entries, and Cortana’s voice-activated commands. If you want, you can choose to delete such information from the Microsoft Cloud Server.

10. Enhance Your Battery Life

Windows 10 is known to save a good battery backup. But if you want to squeeze the most out of your battery life, you can make some prominent changes too.

? Lower down your screen sleep time to 15 minutes

? Turn on battery saver mode

? Upgrade to SSDs

? Use high contrast themes

? Limit Background apps.