Marketing Your Online Business Affordably: 4 Quick Tips to Promote on a Budget

Online Business

When you don’t put time and attention into marketing, it’s easy for a small business to stop seeing new customers or clients coming through their online store to make purchases. If you’re offering business services online, then it’s necessary to find different ways to get the word out affordably to ensure the customer acquisition costs aren’t too high.

Here are four quick tips to promote your online business on a budget.

Use Online Advertising Smartly

Online advertising is best done to a core demographic group, wherever possible. This is important to get the best bang for your buck out of a smaller advertising budget.

Facebook offers advertising which can discretely target demographic groups to locate people within companies that would be interested in your service offering. It’s possible to match up current customers by providing that information to the social media giant that can then locate similar people worth advertising to.

Look More Professional Through Attention-grabbing Marketing Materials

Whether you find promoting by handing out your business card to be the most effective, or using flyers or color brochures works best for you, getting your marketing materials right matters enormously.

When someone hands you a flimsy business card that bends in your hand, you’re unimpressed. The card stock was too thick, too cheap and lets the side down. As well as using high-quality printing materials from a service that offers Printing Services Las Vegas, you want to update the design and styling to be eye-catching too.

If you’re going to attend business meetings or a trade show, the business brochure should be impressive. It needs to make your small business look bigger than maybe it really is. Marketing materials should sell the service for you before you even have to!

Attend Relevant Business Expos

When your service is a business-to-business one, it’s important to get seen by relevant companies that would be interested in hearing about it.

While it’s always best to have a trade booth at a trade show, if it’s all booked up for an upcoming one, then you can still attend and talk up your service. People at shows are open to striking up business-related conversations in a way that they aren’t elsewhere. Be more outgoing; strike up conversations and build rapport. Invite the people you meet to sit down for a coffee to discuss their needs more.

Ask for Referrals

The most inexpensive marketing that most companies overlook, or revisit too infrequently is asking for referrals from existing customers.

Business customers usually have contacts who would find your service useful too. They won’t necessarily have thought about that until prompted to consider it. Also, if you’ve done it before, don’t be afraid to revisit this request a year later as everyone makes new business contacts through the year.

Marketing a small business has different challenges compared to larger conglomerates that benefit from strong brand recognition and momentum. It must be done carefully, prudently and with an eye to customer acquisition costs to maintain a satisfactory growth trajectory.

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