Solid Signs: How to Tell if a Man is Attracted to you But Hiding it

How to tell if a man is attracted to you but hiding it is relatively easy to find out a guyís feelings for you. Men canít hide how they feel about you, especially if you know where to look.

You know a fellow who runs a bit weird around you, but you strive to understand if thatís because he doesnít understand you well yet, or he fancies you but is hiding it.

See the signs he is entirely into you but is still holding back. Ensure you go over all of them, as just a blend of a few of them is enough to know the truth.

How to Tell if a Man is Attracted to you But Hiding it

Exhibits Attention

Showing attention is just a consistent behavior when a man fancies you but is still wrapping it. He canít hide it because it gets beyond his control. So you will see him often looking in your direction, asking questions, and waiting for your specific answer, or simply keeping up small talk with you at all times.

How to Tell if a Man is Attracted to you But Hiding it

Always There For You

He is constantly there for you when you want him. You might not even remember you require his guidance or assistance or supervision. Yet, there he is, expecting for his opportunity to show you can count on him, just in case. He worries for your safety, and he wants to know if you feel relaxed around him. So he makes sure you have fun and are rested, even if he is tense and nervous.

Working To Get To Understand You

Some guys do it the proper way Ė they ask a few inquiries and put up a normal conversation. They get all the information they require, and you hardly notice. Other guys will get it so evident that you might even feel bothered by their interest in you.

Likes To Joke With You

When a chap is trying to earn you a smile, itís because he cares about you and your mood. Now, by itself, this sign implies nothing. However, it would improve if you were sure you connect it to at least two or three symbols on this list to ensure he likes you but is hiding it.

Creeps A Compliment Here and There

He will notify you did a great job on that project, or he will compliment your new appearance, your perfume, and anything else he considers would make you feel great.

Always Seeking For Ways To Allocate Time With You

He often crosses by your desk and asks inane questions; he even posts you funny memes, TikTok videos, or tags you in random posts you might be engaged in. He might even arrange a night-out, a hike, or even a barbeque, and he will ensure you are arriving as well.

Remembers Details About You

You are sort of in the same associates/colleagues circle, and you arenít too close but recognize each other. You might be amazed at some point that he remembers stuff you told him a while ago. He also retrieves your petís name, your birthday, and an assignment you stated once two weeks ago.

Keeps His Eyes On You For Longer

At least for higher than what feels customary to you. Men are visual creatures, and that makes it so obvious to figure out if he likes you. When a person wants a woman, he canít keep his eyes off her. Itís past his control, and trust me, he has no proof itís a bit obvious.

Evades Talking About Other Ladies

When you hold a guy friend, he might consider another woman and speak about her. However, when a person truly likes you, he wouldnít desire to give you confusing signals by talking about other girls. Likewise, if he sincerely considers taking you out on a date one day, he recognizes you should be aware he holds of you, and he wouldnít desire to confuse you by quoting others.

Displays Care

Just the same as the first sign Ė when a man likes you, he will give you his full attention. You wouldnít feel ignored as he wants to make sure you see him and consider him an option. To do that, he has to show care and be intuitive about your needs and desires at this moment.

Ignores Others When You are Around

You might notice that a guy is overlooking everyone else around and provides you his full consideration. No one else is more valuable to him at this period, and even if he has other talks, he would always get after you so you can ďfinish your chat.Ē He admires you but is hiding it.

Listens to What You Say

Itís a limited case to notice a guy who attended what you say, but this guy does it. He is totally into whatever you have to say, and he actively participates in the conversation. He even retains your opinions on various topics and doesnít forget to consider them and show admiration.

Shares His Relationship Status With You

He slightly states he is fatigued in the evenings or that he has no programs for the weekend. He indicates that he lives alone, or he reveals how ready he is for a relationship. When a person loves you and wants a relationship with you, he will get to sneak stuff like that into a discussion.

How to Tell if a Man is Attracted to you But Hiding it

Always Near You

Men are visual beings, and to them, physical interaction is always crucial. Therefore, when a guy likes you, he would be physically around you at all times. His eyes are searching for you at any point. So, for example, he would sit next to you in the restaurant or the meeting room.

Doesnít Let You Go

Donít get all spooky with this one. He would try to leave the place for half an hour before actually leaving it. Then, he will always try to stay a little bit longer with you and chat more. Then, if you would like to leave, he might even offer to walk you out to your car or the bus stop. Then, he would tell yet another story before putting an end to the conversation.

Body Language

When a man is into you, his whole physic will reflect his intentions. His torso and his feet would be turned towards you as you have his full attention. He would be physically closer to you compared to other people around him. He would keep intense eye contact with you and would do his best to look confident and strong.

Initiates a Way To See You Again

Just as it was with my example above, when a man likes you, he would actively search for ways to spend more time with you. For instance, he would initiate a coffee after work; he would send you an email asking for extra info on a project; he would call you to ask for a recommendationÖ he wants to interact with you as much as possible. So, yes, he likes you.

Tries To Impress You

Of course, he will try to impress you, and he will do his best you notice him. He would tell you stories from ancient times, and he will repeat them as many times as he could. He would show off skills and offer help if you need it. Thatís a manís way to impress a woman and show her he is worth his spot next to her.

Final Thoughts 

He is always around; he keeps talking to you every chance he gets, remembers important stuff about you, and cares. In addition, he often uses the opportunity to have a physical interaction with you. So, yes, you can be sure he likes you but isnít ready to show it yet.