Making Google Analytics Use Simple and Easy

Google provides a free service called Google Analytics used for generating a detailed statistics about the visitors to a website.

This service aims at the marketers and is widely used website statistics service.

Google Analytics provides the following features :-

Hacking Google Analytics: Ideas, Tips and Tricks

  1. Track all the visitors of the website.
  2. Display advertisements.
  3. Pay-Per-Click networks.
  4. E-mail Marketing.
  5. Digital collateral ( linking files with pdf files).

Google analytics provides a wonderful tool called Web Analytics , and provides the following features ,

  1. Complete overview of the sites traffic data.
  2. Satisfies the needs of almost every website.

Here Ill explain you some ways of understanding the working of Google analytics.

1). The Google Analytics tells you about the last page through which the user got to your website. The last webpage on which the user was is called the referrer or referral path. This helps in understanding how people are getting to your website.

2). The Google Analytics when used for e-commerce purpose it wont show the exact amout of the sales or purchase. So it is not so precise for accurate business purpose it just shows the approximate values because it doesnt take into account charge backs, tracking code issues and e-commerce implementation.

How Much Do Customers Spend?

3). And finally if we personalize the website according to the need of the visitor then it would be very rewarding for us. Also using good keywords which are very common among users can also yield good result.

We can conclude that we dont need the high budget to make our website popular its all about understanding our users requirement and understanding the trend of internet users. Some basic coding and the ability to meet our goals will help us in making a great and popular website.