Making Funeral Arrangements: Everything You Need to Know

Losing a loved one can be one of the most difficult moments a person encounters in life. There is the initial shock, the grieving process, the inability to set them free. And in the midst of all this emotional pain, you’re now in charge of making the funeral arrangements. 

Research has proven that over 150 tasks and decisions need to be made during the first two days following your devastating loss. If you’re feeling overwhelmed right now, take several deep breaths. We will provide you with everything you need to know about planning your loved one’s funeral. 

Find a reputable cremation company. 

If being cremated was one of their final wishes, you will want to honor that decision. Whether you lost a parent, spouse, or best friend, their wishes must be upheld. You can always save some of their ashes, or hire a company to manufacture the ashes into a pen, cufflinks, or necklace. You’ll be keeping a part of them with you. The remains can be scattered wherever your loved one wished. 

Legacy Cremation is a reputable cremation provider. You can trust Legacy Cremation to handle the cremation with the utmost care. The level of service is outstanding and their staff shows genuine compassion towards everyone at the funeral home. Their cremation package includes transportation of the deceased to the crematory, help filing for VA benefits or insurance policies, a container for the ashes, and completed social security forms. Their company also obtains the death certificate and cremation approval from the medical examiner. 

Purchase accessories for the funeral.

Assuming your loved one wanted a funeral and memorial service, you will want to order church accessories and other supplies. You can arrange your items however you’d like inside of the funeral home. You can choose from a variety of religious candles online.

You can even create your own programs online. There are an assortment of online font choices that can be used on funeral invitations and bereavement cards. You might want to purchase a different font for pamphlets or brochures. You can hand them out at the funeral service—they will highlight the life your loved one lived. 

Only buy what you need.

Most funeral homes will unbundle packages, allowing you to pay separately for each individual service you’d like included. This can help cut down the cost and avoid specific products or services going to waste. 

Most funeral homes sell flowers, caskets, a variety of urns, and gravesites. But you don’t need to purchase everything from one place. You can shop around online for monument companies in Mason and in brick-and-mortar stores for the perfect casket at the best price. Your favorite florist can ship floral arrangements. Remember, there’s no harm in using more than one vendor and only buying what you need

Affairs Must Be in Order.

After the funeral and memorial service are over and you’ve had several days to begin coping, you will need to handle business matters. Did your loved one have an estate, debt, other financial matters, or insurance policies?

Several days after the funeral, it’s time to get the affairs of your loved one in order. You’ll have to change the title on their assets, send notices of death, and file death benefit claims. And for long-distance friends of the deceased, you need to inform them of their loss. While this part should be done prior to the funeral, brain fog isn’t uncommon while grieving.

Consider Therapy.

Going through the beginning stages of grief without the assistance of a mental health professional can be rough. Everyone processes and reacts to grief in their own way. It’s okay to heal slowly, and it’s okay if you’re taking longer to heal the emotional wound of losing someone you love. 

Therapy sessions are available to help you through the bereavement process. Your therapist may suggest exercise, waking up early, living your life still, or getting an emotional support animal. Together, you will both set treatment goals. The recovery period can be less intense when you have someone willing to listen and offer valid advice. With or without therapy, you can and will get through this.