What Makes MediaTrans The Best to Transfer iPhone (X/8) Photos and How to Use It?


The New iPhone Takes The Best Ever, Stores The Most Ever Photos
Being available to pre-order on Sept. 15, the first batch of iPhone 8 has already arrived at their destinations. With brand-new glass design, iPhone 8/Plus must amaze their masters by gorgeous screen color presenting and 4K video/photo shooting, especially the best ever mobile photography ability. Although iPhone 8 still features 12MP rear/7MP front-facing camera and the same-entitled “Portrait Mode” as its predecessor, it’s quite different this time. First, this new Portrait Mode is rebuilt by altering the lighting effects, capturing more vibrant color and clearer image along with faster sensor, color filter and optical image stabilization. Then, Apple has abandoned JPEG and employed new HEIF (High Efficiency Image File Format) on iPhone (iOS 11) for saving 50% library storage in the same image quality.

Hardware improvements make the new iPhone a stunning bet to take photos! And higher storage capacity (64/256GB) gives enough space for more high-quality images. But no matter what, transferring iPhone photos regularly to computer is always a must-do for freeing up space and data backup.

Transferring iPhone Photos Is Not Easy on Windows

  • The built-in apps on Windows, e.g Photos in Windows 10/8 and AutoPlay in Windows 7, is able to import iPhone photos to PC. Their common limit is that only camera roll photos can be moved, and AutoPlay doesn’t allow freely choosing.
  • iPhone owners often transfer photos via iTunes and iCloud. However, unlike Mac machine, Windows PC usually behaves oddly with these Apple products, making iPhone photo backup on Windows a little bit complicated and troublesome.

To transfer photos between iPhone (X/8) and Windows more conveniently and intelligently, Windows users are yearning for a better iPhone photo manager! And WinX MediaTrans just arrives in time here.

Why WinX MediaTrans Is the Best Tool to Transfer iPhone X/8 Photos on Windows

As an all-sided and independent iPhone file manager, WinX MediaTrans lets Windows users forget their unpleasant memories on iPhone photo transfer before. On one hand, it’s able to transfer whatever photos between iPhone and Windows (10) PC without iTunes by flexible listing and selecting. “Whatever photos” means not only Camera Roll photos, but also Screenshots, Wallpaper, Selfies, Bursts, Panoramas, WhatsApp and more other album photos can be exported into computer from iPhone. On the other hand, when adding external pictures from PC to iPhone, user can create new photo album to store them for better management in the future, including deleting.

With the support for Intel QSV and Nvidia NVENC based hardware acceleration,WinX MediaTrans delivers the peerless file syncing speed, transporting 100 iPhone (4K HEIF) HD photos to computer in several seconds only. Most importantly, the whole content transferring process is 100% stable, with no unexpected freezing, quit or data missing disaster like iTunes may bring about.

How to Transfer iPhone X/8 Photos with WinX MediaTrans

Simple user-oriented interface of WinX MediaTrans makes it an easy task to transfer iPhone (X/8/6S) photos on Windows PC, even for those green hands.

Step 1. Connect iPhone to computer with the docking wire. Tap “Trust” on mobile if there’s a request.

Step 2. Launch WinX MediaTrans to recognize iPhone with basic information shown on the UI, and click “Photo Transfer” button to pop up a bigger dialog box.


Step 3. On the exclusive Photo Transfer panel, all iPhone photo albums are listed in the left side with specific quantity. When clicking any one, all of the photos will display in the right area by None, Day, Month or Year as you prefer.


  • Backup iPhone Photos: Select one, more or all photos and click blue “Export” on the upper toolbar to make backup to PC.
  • Create New Photo Album on iPhone: Tap the round button with “+” sign to create a new photo album by editing its name from New Album to XXX, then click “Sync” to make it available on iPhone.
  • Add Photos to iPhone: It’s not allowed to add new photos into iPhone’s inherent photo categories like Camera Roll, Selfies and Bursts. Thus, user has to switch to newly created photo album existing on iPhone. If there’s no such one, just create a new album first, then click blue “Add Photo” button to choose and import images on PC, and finally click “Sync” to finish the synchronization.

Note: The exported iPhone photos is located in C:\Users\xx\Pictures\MediaTrans by default, which is changeable on “Settings” after clicking gear icon on the top right UI.

WinX MediaTrans – More than an iPhone Photo Manager You Must Have

As the best iPhone file manager to replace iTunes, WinX MediaTrans also supports two-way transfer music, (4K) videos, eBooks, audiobooks, ringtones, podcasts, and iTunes U perfectly between iPhone and Windows PC. Some more practical features are also taken along with this program, for example making iTunes purchased media files playable on more iOS and Android devices with no restriction of Apple ID and Internet, free making 40s ringtone for iPhone, turning iDevice into a flash drive.


Every Windows user needs an intimate assistant to backup/transfer iPhone photos and other files, either between iPhone and PC, or from old iPhone to new iPhone (X/8). WinX MediaTrans is such a desirable one which has been loved by all of its users and picked by a great number of editors as the best iTunes alternative.