What Makes Match 3 Games So Popular?

Match 3 Game

Match 3 Games is a world-class game developer that you certainly want to keep your eyes on. The range of games provided by this popular gaming giant feature a wide range of titles such as Blossom Blitz Match, Harvest Match, Magic Clash, Farm Hero, Winter Blossom Blitz – Match 3 Puzzle, Flower Power Match, Burger Mania, Fruit Festival, Fruit Challenge, and many others. Therein lies one of the reasons why Match 3 Games is loved by millions of players around the world.

With so many exciting puzzle games to play, fans will be entertained well into the early hours with a smorgasbord of captivating attractions. Better yet, these games are 100% free to play. If the spectacular animation doesn’t grab you, the puzzle games-style of play will. You will be tasked with powering your way through levels, improving your points tally, and unlocking many terrific features as you go.

So what makes Fun Match 3 Games so amazing? For starters, these games are brain games. They require you to use your cerebral matter to solve increasingly complex puzzles as you propel your way to the top of the leaderboard. The games are available at the App Store, and the Google Play Store – ideal for anyone wanting to take a high-quality game on the go with them. A game needs several ingredients to appeal to a global audience of players. These include the following:

  • Puzzle gaming prowess
  • Rewards-driven gameplay
  • Cross-platform functionality
  • Interactive and engaging features
  • HD Audio-Visuals and animation
  • In-game features such as boosts and power-ups

What’s Hay Match All about?


The above elements are but a handful of the many features that players expect of their favorite mobile games. One of the ‘hidden gems’ among the many Match 3 Games titles is Hay Match. In true farm-style fashion, you can match hay, swap hay, and challenge yourself to well over 100 levels of gameplay. This game is rated E for everyone and is regarded as one of the finer puzzle-style brain games on the market. With a superb 4.4/5 rating from hundreds of players, it’s already making significant inroads into the mobile gaming community. If you’re interested in country living – at least in a game format, Match 3 Games can provide you with an in-depth perspective on farm life. Here is a game that requires players to match 3 identical symbols for an epic rural adventure. The game developer has added 100 exciting new levels to this form-theme title.

Match2The farm is home to everything fresh, delicious, and nutritious. When you match crops, you will get to win prizes of epic proportions. Match 3 Games has created an award-worthy title with this super game. Like so many other puzzle-style games, you are required to solve complex riddles and puzzles with increasing difficulty as you advance through the game. It starts off easy, with players needing to match 3 items to pop combinations and advance to higher levels.

The missions are set at the start of each new level, and you can also boost your gameplay with a variety of features and in-game elements. The audio-visuals mirror the best of the countryside with great graphics and realistic sounds. The in-app purchases are available from as little as $.99 to $104.99 per item.

You’re probably wondering, what are some of the crops you’re likely to see in this profusion of fresh produce?

Red peppers, radishes, pumpkins, peas, turnips, corn, tomatoes are a handful of fresh crops that you can farm in Hay Match. You will see the points tally for each fresh produce item you claim, and your overall score alongside the number of moves you have made for each level. You’ll be awarded 3 stars from every level that you complete, and you can expect limitless fun with so many challenging levels to play your way through. Match 3 Games keeps on changing things up with engaging titles and interactive elements.