How to Make an Envelope in 3 Different Ways

How to make an envelope through which you can add a personal touch to any card or letter, at times, is thought over by a creative person during a festive season while writing a basic regular letter to a loved one.

You can easily make an envelope at home using a few basic supplies.

Let’s see and learn how to make different envelopes, like :-

  • Pouch Envelope
  • Taped Envelope
  • Square Origami Envelope

How to Make an Envelope : Pouch Envelope

Get a paper about twice the desired envelope size. A standard size of 8.5 by 11 inches will be fine for the task. You can fold and cut it in half before starting in case you wish to make a smaller one.

Fold the paper evenly. You must use fold the paper to a rectangle half the size of the original size.

Stick together the open left and right sides. Use tape to securely close the two open edges of the rectangle, leaving the top open. The top is where you will insert your letter.

Fold down the top to make a flap. Make a small flap by folding down the open edge of the rectangle. This will keep the letter from falling out of the envelope. A flap that is about 1/2 of an inch will work.

Insert the letter or card. Bend back the flap, and insert your letter, card, or other contents. Fold the flap down again after this is done.

Glue the flap to keep your message enclosed. Place a thin line of glue along the inner edge of the flap, then press the flap down. This will keep the envelope closed until the recipient opens it. You can also secure the flap with decorative tape or a sticker.

How to Make an Envelope : Taped Envelope

Lay a rectangular piece of paper down in landscape-style. You can experiment with paper sizes, but if in doubt, a standard-sized (8.5 x 11 inches) will do.

Fold the paper in half lengthwise. Match up the edges of the paper to ensure the fold is straight, and press down on the folded edge with fingers to make a crease. You can unfold to have a crease in the middle.

Fold the top right corner along crease. When the edge of the top right corner touched crease in a straight line, fold the corner down to make a triangle shape with the top right corner.

Fold the top left corner along the center crease. Fold the top left corner down as you did the right corner to have two small triangles sitting on top of a rectangle.

Fold one inch of the top and bottom edges toward the center crease. Both the top and bottom edges should be folded towards the center, leaving room in the center for a letter or card to fit with paper lying lengthwise. The triangular point must be facing left.

Fold the right edge of the paper along the bottom of the triangle. The edge of the folded triangle on the left-hand side of the paper should be parallel with the edge of the right hand side and visible. Smooth out the fold with fingers to unfold it.

Fold message so it fits into the envelope. Large cards may be too big for this method. Regular letter-sized paper will fit the half or in thirds.

Insert message. The note can go between the horizontal creases of the envelope. Use the bottom flaps and the two length-wise flaps at the side of the triangle to keep card in the envelope.

Close the envelope. Fold the right hand edge of the paper back up to the edge of the triangle and again, triangle top towards the center of the rectangle. The back of envelope looks like envelops sold in store .

Tape the edges shut. Use small pieces of tape to secure the sides of the envelope. Tape the flap of the envelope closed as well.

Hand-deliver letter. Hand-deliver your homemade envelope if you do not want to pay extra shipping costs.

How to Make an Envelope : Square Origami Envelope

Get a square sheet of paper larger than your letter or card. If you wish a card to be 8.5 x 11 inches, then you will require at least a 12 x 12 inch piece of paper and 4 x 5 inch card for a 7 x 7 inch piece of paper will work.

Place the paper so its corners are in a diamond shape. The corners should face up and down as well as right and left, like a diamond.

Fold the square corner to corner. To create one crease going from the upper left to the bottom right corner and another crease going from the upper right to the bottom left corner. Line up two of the opposing edges, crease, and unfold. Repeat the corner, unfold the edges lies flat in a diamond shape again.

Fold the bottom corner up to the middle crease. Touch the bottom corner to the point where both creases intersect in the middle of the paper so the paper lies flat.

Fold the flat bottom of the corner up to the middle crease. The paper will be triangular, outer edges of the paper should line up. Smooth the fold to lie flat.

Fold the left corner towards the center. Fold the left edge of the triangle to go slightly over the middle crease.

Fold the right corner towards the center. The right corner of the triangle corner should overlap the crease.

Fold back the edge of the right corner. The right corner did not line up perfectly with the middle crease, fold the overlapped point back slightly. The edge of the right corner should line up with the vertical crease to make a small triangle.

Spread the small triangle open. You will notice small triangle opening into a diamond shape when you put finger into the fold of the small triangle. Spread to flatten. The tiny diamond will get crease down the center.

Insert the top edge into the small opening. Reopen the envelope to insert card or letter, and close the top edge. You may wish to secure loose edges with tape to keep it shut.

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