Little Known Mistakes You Shouldn’t Make After A Truck Accident

truck Accident

Of course, traffic accidents can be prevented. However, some of them can happen. The way you conduct yourself after a traffic accident can break or make your case. In particular, making simple mistakes can cost your case in court. That’s why you should avoid making the following mistakes after getting involved in a traffic accident case.

Don’t Be Quick to Leave the Accident Scene

Don’t be scared. Leaving the accident scene too early will compromise evidence. That’s why you shouldn’t leave the accident scene without informing the police. After the police are through with evidence collection and writing a police report, consider exchanging contacts with the other driver. From here, you can seek medical attention.

Never Reveal All Information

Don’t talk too much. Never reveal all the information to the police or any other party. Remember, whatever you say can affect your insurance claims. So, be economical with the information you give. The only person you should give all the information is your personal lawyer.

Explain how the accident happened. Be straightforward with the evidence you give out. Don’t hide anything about the accident when filing for claims. Allow your TRUCK ACCIDENT LAWYER to talk with the insurance adjuster.

Not Safeguarding Accident Scene Evidence

Any lawsuit should be supported by evidence. That’s why you need to gather any possible evidence at the scene of the accident. According to experts, you should take a lot of photos. Take more photos. Record the statements of witnesses. Take photos of the damaged car. Take photos from all angles. If you can, take a photo of the other driver. Capture the other driver’s driving license. Determine the insurance company of the other driver. Exchange contacts with the other driver. You can also take the contacts of the eyewitnesses. These pieces of evidence will be used to defend you in court.

Not Seeking Prompt Medical Attention

Your health should be your priority. So, don’t wait. Seek medical attention in the shortest time possible. This will form part of the evidence. Not getting medical attention can ruin your case. For instance, the other party may argue that your injuries were aggravated by another pre-existing condition. Therefore, don’t wait. Also, keep all hospital records. From medical bills to medical reports, these documents will form part of the evidence in court.

Not Tracking Expenses

Any truck-related lawsuit will lead to financial loss. These losses should be tracked, especially when seeking compensation. Insurance adjusters will base your compensation on the loss incurred. Keep all the medical bills. Keep records of prescription drugs, transport costs, and physical therapy. Don’t forget to record the amount used to procure medical equipment.

Other Mistakes

Don’t make the following additional mistakes:

  • Don’t sign any settlement offer without consulting your lawyer
  • Don’t miss statutes of limitations

The Bottom-Line From accepting responsibility to talking about your case on social medial, making the above mistakes when pursuing a personal injury case can cost you dearly. Thus, don’t make the above mistakes when pursuing your personal injury case.