Line Sheet: What They Are and Why You Need Them

Sales are the most important aspect of any business, but it can also be the most difficult aspect of business if you donít have a lot of knowledge or experience. Even if you do have some experience in sales, it can be difficult to figure out what you need to do to effectively grow and scale your business to reach new levels of success. The good news is that there is one simple thing that you can use to really help your business reach the next level Ė line sheets. Using line sheets can completely transform the way that your company makes sales. Not convinced yet? Hereís a guide on what line sheets are and why your company needs them: 

What are Line Sheets?

Line sheets are essential in most retail spheres. While line sheets are particularly popular in industries like fashion and beauty, they can really be used to showcase any line of products ranging from gourmet food items to furniture. Line sheets are a simple and eye-catching way to show off your products to potential buyers. We know what you are thinking Ė donít catalogs do that? In 2020, no one really wants to lug around a huge catalog or lookbook with hundreds of pages and tons of different products, sizes, and details all over the place. Line sheets are the revolutionized and modernized version of catalogs that allow you to show off select products and tell the buyer everything they need to know in ways that are effective and easy to understand. 

Some information that you might find on a line sheet include:

  • Names of different collections that you are including. Line sheets also feature things like dividers to easily draw a line between different product lines and collections.
  • Line sheets allow you to incorporate important company contact information like your company name, sales contact names, company address, phone number, email address, and website. 
  • Line sheets can also be made to include your company logo which is always a great way to promote and advertise your brand to anyone that sees it.
  • In many industries, seeing is believing Ė and the ability to use images to really let your products sell themselves is another great feature of line sheets.
  • Line sheets are great because they can include everything you need to know about a product without overloading you with text. Some of the product information you might want to feature are product name and product descriptions, SKU numbers, sizing information, order minimums, color availability, pricing (both wholesale price and retail price), order amounts and order forms, and any deadlines for a specific item that might only be available for a single season. 

Line sheets are also great because they donít necessarily have to be in print. This means that you can end up saving a ton of money on printing and mailing expenses compared to heavy and expensive printed catalogs. Now all you have to do is simply attach your incredible line sheet in an email to a potential buyer and they can easily search through virtually to find what they are looking for. This is why line sheets are essential in the 21st century when you donít necessarily meet face-to-face with every potential buyer Ė you can instantly send them everything they need to know about the products. However, even if you do like to do things a little bit more old-fashioned, line sheets can still be printed out and handed out or mailed. The recipients will definitely be grateful that they donít have to lug around a huge catalog or flip through hundreds of pages to find what they are looking for. 

Why Do You Need Line Sheets?

Hopefully by now you are familiar with what line sheets are, but why do you need them for your business? As we have touched on already, line sheets are the essential item to effectively make sales in so many industries these days. Whether you are a jewelry company trying to show off your custom line or an office supply company trying to market your best-selling products, line sheets can help you increase your sales. 

The fact of the matter is that you need wholesale line sheets because other people are already using them and they are getting sales as a result. You need to be utilizing line sheets in order to truly compete in cut-throat industries that are super competitive. You are a small fish in a big pond but line sheets allow you to really compete with the top players by showing them what you can offer! A line sheet not only shows potential buyers what you have to offer but also shows them that you are professional and dedicated to your business. 

However, just because you have a line sheet doesnít automatically mean that you are have a leg up on the competition Ė it has to be a good line sheet to really do that. Since many other companies are already using line sheets, yours needs to be good and really stand out from the rest. So how can you help make your products stand out on a line sheet? First of all, you need a quality product that is easy to scan and easy to understand Ė one where you can find all the information you are looking for quickly and easily. Second of all, you need a line sheet that is well-organized so that buyers can sort through different collections and products with ease. You also need a line sheet that has quality and appealing photos of your products that quite literally show them in the best light. You want to utilize staging that shows off the product but also doesnít go overboard with styling and unnecessary details. 

The best line sheets are totally customizable and easily adjusted so that you can tailor them to specific buyers quickly and effectively. The more tailored your line sheets are, the more you are able to meet clientsí needs and the more likely you are to make a sale as a result. Itís also really convenient to be able to update the information in your line sheets about your inventory or sizing information in the event that a certain item or size sells out Ė you want to be able to reflect that in your line sheet so that a potential buyer doesnít get wrong or outdated information that would leave a bad impression.

Overall, line sheets allow you to really impress your clients and provide them with something that they can use to learn everything they need to know about your company and your products. Line sheets are useful in all different kinds of situations. If you are able to do an in-person meeting with a potential buyer, line sheets act as something that you can give them to hold on to after the fact so that they wonít forget anything that you discussed during the actual meeting. If you arenít able to meet face-to-face, line sheets are also super useful to email or mail to a potential client so that they can really see your products and what your company is all about. And finally, line sheets are a great tool that you can bring with you to things like industry conferences, trade shows, and conventions when you are trying to pick up potential clients and want to present them with something a little bit more impressive than a simple business card. Nothing will impress like your beautiful products, so itís always a good idea to show them off every chance you get! 

How to Do Line Sheets

Now that you know all about what line sheets are and why you need them for your business, you are probably now wondering how they actually work and what you need to do to start using them. The truth is that there are plenty of different ways that you can incorporate line sheets into your selling strategy, and we will go over all of them so that you can figure out what exactly you need to do in order to start increasing your sales and growing your business into new heights. 

The first way that you can use line sheets for your business is to make them yourself. Odds are that you already have a creative eye because you are an entrepreneur, so you might think that you are perfectly capable of making line sheets on your own. And while you could make them on your own, entrepreneurs are notoriously busy and you might not have a ton of time to sit around messing with different designs and manually inputting all of the different information you need in your line sheet from item names/numbers, sizes, colors, wholesale prices, suggested retail prices, shipping costs and more. People are always looking for ways to make the most of their time, and creating your own line sheets isnít necessarily the best way to do this.

Instead of putting in a lot of time and work to make your own line sheets, there are easier ways for you to get top quality line sheets quickly and easily with minimum effort. If you are looking for the best line sheets, itís time to turn to the professionals. There are line sheets software out there that allow you to utilize these amazing tools to input your products and customize your designs in an instant. While inputting all of your products into the software might sound like a pain, it doesnít have to be. In fact, the best line sheets software allows you to connect your businessí website with the tool so that all the information from your website is automatically uploaded into the software instantly. You donít even have to lift a finger! If you donít have a website, you could also upload your product spreadsheet from CSV or Excel into the software for the same effect with little to no effort. 

Once you have all your products in the system, itís time to actually start building your line sheet from effective pre-made templates. You will need to have an idea of exactly what products or collections you are looking to feature in that specific line sheet. Whether you are just looking for a single line sheet to showcase a single product or are looking to include your entire product list, you are bound to find a layout that works well for what you are trying to achieve. When it comes to the layout, the best line sheets software already has tons of pre-made templates for you to choose from but also allows you the option to customize and tweak these templates to give you exactly what you are looking for. You can add your company logo, blurbs about the product, vivid pictures showing your product, etc. You can also customize the font, add a company information page, add more relevant items to a page, or change the background color. With all of these different features and options, you are able to create the best line sheet possible for your business that will wow your buyers.

Once you have everything in order, itís time to finish it up! All you have to do is quickly download the finished product and email it away to potential buyers in an instant. Now you can just sit back, relax, and wait for the orders to come in! 

A Final Rundown on Line Sheets

At the end of the day, if you are looking to make more sales, grow your business, and increase your brand image then you need line sheets. Line sheets are great because they work for all different kinds of industries and can be customized accordingly, but they are particularly important in areas such as the fashion industry and beauty industry. In the old days, a big catalog was sufficient to show information about your products to potential buyers but in the 21st century, line sheets are definitely the way to go. They are a lot smaller and portable than traditional catalogs and can even be digitized so that you can email them to clients that you might not be able to meet in person.†
When it comes to actually finding, making, and using line sheets Ė you have some options there as well. But the best way to use line sheets is to find a line sheets software program that will allow you to use pre-made line sheet templates, upload your information, customize, and thatís it! This option will really allow you to maximize your time and money so that you can really get the most bang for your buck by creating top quality line sheets that will immediately impress any clients and get you more sales as a result.