Lifestyle Hacks That Make a Difference

Who couldn’t use a few lifestyle hacks in order to get through the day a little bit easier? Whether you want to get a medical marijuana card, avoid making a mess when you paint, effortlessly remove dust from your keyboard, or cut fresh rolls perfectly every time, here are some secrets you probably never knew about.

Paint Without Making a Mess

Take a look at half-full paint cans in your garage. Notice anything? That’s right, almost all of them have disgusting, runny layers of paint solidified on the outside of their containers. Want to avoid that problem next time you do a painting project to spruce up your home? It’s easy. When you open a can of paint, place a large rubber band around it length-wise, from top to bottom. One section of the rubber band will be bisecting the top of your paint can opening. Every time you dip your brush in to get some paint, don’t wipe it on the can’s rim. Instead, use the cross-wise rubber band length to wipe excess paint off your brush. No more dribbles down the side of the can, ever again.

Cut Oven Fresh Rolls with Precision and Ease

Did you ever pull a fresh pan of rolls from the oven and, after waiting for them to cool, couldn’t get them to separate? This seems to be a particular problem with cinnamon rolls, which are often covered with delicious but very sticky glazing, which only makes the rolls that much harder to pull apart. The hint is to use dental floss as a saw to cut the rolls. Works every time and does the job perfectly. Remember to save a little bit of floss for your teeth because it makes sense to brush and clean your teeth thoroughly after eating sugar-laden, sticky stuff like cinnamon rolls.

Go Online to Get Your Medical Marijuana Card

This hack might not work in every state of the U.S., but it will bring very good results if you live in New York. That’s because state laws allow for any adult to apply and get approved for an official, New York-approved, medical marijuana card without leaving home. Even some other states that offer MM cards require your physical presence in a state office in order to get one. Not so in New York. So, consider yourself lucky and apply for your card today, no matter where you live in the state of New York.

Clean Dust from Keyboards Instantly

You know that annoying crunch sound you sometimes hear when trying to type? It’s because you have too much built-up dust and gunk underneath your keypad. If you want to remove it, try to first, unplug the keyboard and turn it upside down. Give it a brisk couple of taps to loosen some of the bigger chunks of debris. Second, use the sticky side of a post-it notes to remove dust by rubbing the sticky section over the keys repeatedly. If you doubt the effectiveness of this technique, look at the note when you’re done. You’ll see plenty of dust particles that would otherwise never have come out from their hiding places. The beauty of this hack is that is costs nothing and takes less than a minute of your time.

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