Life Is A Magic And You Realise That With “LIKE”

There has been plethora of video making and video editing tools online, some of them are just little friendly than others with the users. Just when the youth was getting bored with the ancient versions of video apps, there comes APP LIKE which was enough to allure the minds of the Indians that just adores entertainment and freaks with songs, music and dance respectively. An enticing amalgamation of lip sync videos and pluperfect magical effects, APP LIKE is a complete stress buster and is a tech masterpiece for not just entertainment enthusiasts but for those who always seek an enticing equation of configurations every day.

An Android cum ISO app with multitude of video editing effects as what developer called, “ magic-music clips” has a social home screen which helps you socialize your entertainment equation with other users in your surroundings. You can like their videos, can share and can even connect with them . The app also celebrates Indian concept of unity in diversity as the same is available in languages like English, Hindi, Tamil, Telgu, Marathi, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam and Punjabi. An amazing interface of multicolours, multi effects and multi music sync, LIKE is all about displaying versatility in the arena of video making and editing.

unique special effectsThe app that has even wooed Bollywood B-towners Like Shahid Kapoor and Arjun Kapoor is easy to use and is something which can get you an easy addiction of itself. You just need to tap the purple button in the middle, select background music from app’s library and on switching to “mine” tab, you can upload your audio files and can even select the right soundtrack for your videos respectively.

On deciding about the background score, you can begin recording and can switch to various modes, soundtrack pace and a timer. At times when you are tired or in no mood to shoot a new video, you can just upload your existing video. The app allows you to have pauses in between for applying effects and continue from where you left off.

The magical effects, flying kisses, sprouting hearts, superman powers and razor laser eyes are something that will surely please the child inside you and will enthrall your heart giftig you a zeal of enthusiasm and happiness. So if you are a tech cum entertainment freak and is looking for a platform to showcase your talent, Like is one and what’s more you can even show that with an array of indescribable effects.

App is lightweight and measures roughly 50-60 mb and has easy sharing options. The app needs to have some more interesting features which can endow the users with never ending power of experimenting with the way they would love to showcase their talents on social media platforms.

LIKE is another app in the category of Dubsmash, smule and snapchat, however these magical effects are what makes it celebrates its edge over others. A rich literature of effects and never seen before editing tools, LIKE has manage to raise eyebrows of its old gen competitors with an over night viral tale that it has been able to knit for itself. And with one million downloads in a week, we can say why don’t you just download APP LIKE from your IOS and Play store and start playing with its magical series of effects.

App Name: Like
Developed by: (Bigo Technology Pte. Ltd.)
App links: Google Play Store, iOS App Store