Top 5 Sites to Learn English Online

Well, we all know being good and fluent in English has become an essential part of being successful, both professionally and personally. But how about getting through to training in English without spending tons of money on online courses offered by many colleges and universities.

There is a different type of learning which is getting popular. It is termed as MOOC. But what is MOOC?

Massive Open Online Course, or MOOC in short, is a course provided on the internet, generally at the college level and it is open to anyone who wishes to enroll and become a student. A lot of times these courses are duly taught by university professors, and most of the time it’s free. It allows the student to learn English online, without any extravagant fees and spending time at university.

These courses are a perfect method to learn at real classes where real teacher teach but the student doesn’t have to attend a university. There are other benefits of MOOC.

They are free of cost and online which means the student can learn from anywhere. Most of the times, certificates are offered after completion of the course and the courses are taught by professors from actual universities. They allow the student to drop out their convenience and he can start and stop the course at any time.

With are these benefits, MOOCs are a great idea to learn English with comfort and flexibility. In this article, we will discuss top 5 websites to learn English.


Opened in 2007, it is considered to be among the best MOOC. It allows the student to learn languages in detail, and it comes with over 750 courses. It focuses on improving work skills of the students to assist them in getting a new job or promotion. It has a complete section of courses on the English language with various English courses for different levels.

The major courses which the students can take are:

Social English Language Skills – This course helps the students to improve their conversational English.

Introduction to English Grammar– Here, the students can learn about grammar tenses and ways to use them to form a good sentence.


Preply is among the best websites to learn various languages. It is one stop solution for the students looking to learn English online and comes with a variety of features. Here the students can learn the language with one of the best online tutors in the world on a one-on-one basis.

It allows the students to use the search filters in order to find the best private English language teachers and tutors. It also provides the student to opt for the teachers as per their requirements and budget. Preply is a great way to learn English without any hassles.

It has profiles of various teachers as well as tutors from which the students can choose. These teachers have their reviews from their previous students which help the prospective students to get a first-hand idea of the teacher and his competency. The student can book a lesson and check the price of the tutor to select the best.


This online platform is specifically for English language learners. This site offers classes for the learner at various levels, from beginner to the advanced. The courses offered on this website are generally shorter than other MOOCs that are available to learn English online. Instead of learning for weeks, this website allows the students to get the courses in single lessons. In case the student is not sure if online study suits him then MOOEC is the best place to start since it takes less time.

It was created in Australia. And most of the lessons are quite clear as well as easy to see. However, some of the spelling can be different from American English. Students have to keep this thing in mind.

The best courses offered are:

Elementary English Course– It is the best course for the students who are at beginner level.

Common Mistakes– This particular course covers almost all common English mistakes most of the people make.

Coffee Culture – In case the students are interested in learning Australian English as well as the culture then this course is a perfect fit since it teaches everyday listening as well as speaking skills.


EdZ is among the biggest MOOC websites which is present. Created by two of the most famous as well as expensive universities, Harvard and MIT, this website provides a variety of college-level courses. These courses are duly created along with taught by actual professors from various top universities.

This website allows you to earn college credits via Arizona State University. However, it is not free, but still, it is a cheaper option than an actual college. Few of its courses provide the certification which is useful for the students.

Like different MOOCs, the classes on this website are quite similar to college courses, and it takes few weeks in order to complete. It requires a certain number of hours every week to learn all the study material. You can also learn with a class or read through the course after it gets completed. However, you won’t be able to discuss with others in case you choose the latter.

Few of the best courses this website offers are:

English Grammar and Style – This course provides all the necessary lessors that intermediate, as well as advanced learners, require to become a better writer.

Conversational English Skills – In case you are looking for a course which is relatively simple then this course allows you to learn the basics of conversational English.


Udemy is a well-trusted source of learning through online courses. It has over 25,000 courses for the students to choose from. However, not all of them are from famous universities, but still, there are few of the great classes for students to choose from.

Not all the courses offered in Udemy are free but certainly, there are few can be taken free of cost. There are few courses which are quite good as well as affordable.

This website utilizes video lectures along with written materials as well as quizzes to make things easier for the students to learn easily. The student can easily watch a video or read any lesson. After this, the student can also test himself to gauge his understanding level.

Few of its best courses are:

English as a Foreign Language – This particular course teaches everything about grammar by taking the real-life conversation examples.

English Grammar for Beginners– By means of this course, the student can easily learn the basics of grammar along with beginner level English.


Learning English can be quite tough if you don’t have the right resources. There are numerous online websites which allow you to learn English at your own pace and convenience. It is among the best ways to learn English online. Above-mentioned websites provide you various options to learn without spending a lot of money and getting restricted with class schedule, like in a typical college and university.