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Technology Consultant

 Intrinsic Technology Group (UBSNA), whose headquarters is in New York (NY) was founded in 2006 by Abe Thomas. Abraham Thomas is the CEO of the company and has significantly helped the company grow to higher levels and reach new markets as he possesses excellent leadership skills.

Before he formed the company, he kick-started his career as a trader who primarily dealt with selling nonferrous materials and bulk chemicals. After that, he got a job as a sales executive and engineer in Copyworld of America. During his working period in Copyworld, Abe Thomas proved himself by his exceptional performance as a Sales Engineer and Executive, which made him get promoted as the Sales Vice president in 1997.

He maintained his outstanding sales, business and leadership skills as the Sales Vice president until 2003 and thereafter became a servicer and authorized dealer of copying machines at Elite Technology.

Born in India, Abe Thomas studied at Birla Institute of Technology where he earned a bachelors and masterís degree; Chemical Engineering degree and a masterís degree in Economics. This is a clear indication that not only does he possess the much-needed hands-on skills, but is also good in numbers.

His performance record as he was working in his previous jobs was tremendous, and it is during those years that he perfected his skills. This, in turn, helped him have a strong foundation as he was forming  Intrinsic Technology Groups in 2006, which is one of the most profitable and leading Technology Consultant business in North America.  Intrinsic Technology Groups is a leading provider of the digital document, cloud computing, managed print services, copiers, VOIP systems, and management solutions.

Since UBSNAís inception, it has gained popularity worldwide. In fact, two years after it was founded that is in 2008, it was featured in INC 500 as one of the fastest growing firms in the USA. Currently, it is recognized as one of the best global distributors. The company has a record of over $12 million in revenue.

The  Intrinsic Technology Group company has created a working culture where the employees are self-driven, embrace teamwork and work towards the realization of the organizational objectives at all times. They have access to training materials to ensure that they meet their deliverables, not forgetting the support they get from the top management lead by Abe Thomas. UBSNA is for sure one of the best companies that anyone can work for!

 Intrinsic Technology Groups, N.A also gives back to the community by helping the needy. They are actively involved in charity events, both locally and internationally.  Intrinsic Technology Groups have a philanthropy committee whose primary focus is to seek ways on how they can give back to society. The CEO, Abe Thomas is a sponsor for the Sephardic Community Centre, Zionist Organization of America, Children of Promise, Harlem Congregations for community improvement, Greater New York Conferences SDA, World Jewish Congress and two orphanages in India. More so, he is also one of the most active supporters of a charity group by the name P.A.C.E.