Lead Generation – Agency or Networking


Lead Generation continues to be one of the most talked about topics in marketing. It is the key to growth and becomes of more importance for small start-up businesses. If a business can gather leads and then convert these, then it is the key to its growth.

Lead generation is a start to the process, which ultimately leads to a potential customer transforming into a regular customer down the line. This is why having a solid lead generation strategy for your business is key. Here we cover the positives of going down the agency route in comparison to simply word of mouth and networking and referrals.


If you choose to go down the Agency route, then you can expect them to be great at lead generation. This is the best option if you are limited with experience in your in-house team. By using a successful agency, you are gaining years of experience in the industry, in which they will use proven methods of success, to give your business the greatest chance of growth.

Tele-sales remains one of the key lead generation methods and is highly effective if using a targeted approach. This helps to build relationships and ultimately turn leads into customers. Another popular approach used by successful lead generation agencies is email marketing. Using a personalised strategy can really help with a positive response rate and building a relationship from an early stage.


Networking continues to be a popular option for many in their lead generation strategies. The first step of this process is goal setting. This means creating a list of the best networking opportunities and then looking at setting goals for each of these events. This means you can then follow up with the different people you meet once back in the office for example.

Another key step is building a vast diverse network. This means you are not limiting your lead generation results in a single group of people and therefore giving yourself a greater chance of success. Referrals are also another part of networking that can be of great influence, so it is always important to leave a lasting impression. This covers networking with all regardless of their statues or role at the present time.

Lead generation starts with networking and then moving to nurture these relationships that have been made. You can then build on this through the use of email newsletters, which can help with sustaining and building the business further. Finally, follow up is one of the most important aspects of the entire networking process.

You should have a strategy in place and map out how you will follow up each lead that has been made. You can add these contacts into a database and then even look to meet them at future events to further build the relationship and eventually turn these into paying customers.

image credit: shoutout via Visual Generation/shutterstock