Konversai Turns What You Know Into Your Next Gig

For many people, the gig economy is a great way to earn extra money, develop new lines of employment, or to polish their existing skills. In fact, Freelancers now make up 35% of US workers and these freelancers collectively earned over 1 trillion dollars last year. But that doesnít mean there are barriers to entry in the gig economy. Some gig economy sites only reward workers with robust portfolios. Others require workers to have equipment like a vehicle. And many people starting out in the gig economy simply donít know how to monetize the skills they have into a side gig.

For those people, Konversai is a great option. Konversai is the world’s first personal knowledge marketplace. The companyís core philosophy is that we all have some knowledge that is valuable to someone else, and once we connect over live video, that exchange of knowledge can benefit people worldwide. The web platform enables people all over the world to connect, teach, learn, and make money in the process by monetizing their knowledge through live video conference based lessons.

Here are 4 ways Konversai helps turn what you already know into your next money-making gig.

  1. You probably already have knowledge someone is willing to pay for

The gig workers, or Knowledge Providers as they are known on Konversaiís platform, can offer lessons in any subject imaginable. It can be something as specific as helping someone plan a Thanksgiving menu, or something as broad as intro to computer programming. Knowledge providers on the site have full control over what type of lessons they offer. If you live in a popular city like New York or London, you can help someone plan a trip itinerary to your city. If you are great at chess, you can offer lessons on helping people improve their game. Whatever you know, Konversai can help you monetize the knowledge and find someone willing to pay to learn from you.

  1. Everything is handled on the Konversai platform

Konversai makes being part of the gig economy super easy. Everything from communication, time tracking, and payment lives on the Konversai platform. There is no need for extra equipment or resources to start. All anyone needs to be a knowledge provider on Konversai is a willingness to sincerely share knowledge and an internet connection and webcam.

  1. Konversai offers freedom and flexibility

Knowledge providers on Konversai arenít required to have a specific amount of activity or teach a specific number of hours. Providers that sign up for the site manage their own schedule, book lessons when they want, and in charge of setting their own rates. They can assess and tweak the price and lessons they offer to find what best works for them and their clients. You are also not limited by geography, since knowledge providers and knowledge seekers hail from all over the world.

  1. Konversai will help you get started

The team at Konversai truly believe in the power of individual knowledge providers and knowledge seekers, as well as the power of the gig economy to create earning opportunities for people all over the world. That is why they offer lots of resources to help Knowledge Providers set up and market themselves to get the most out of the platform. From a wide range of helpful blog articles to built-in marketing resources, Konversai is perfect for beginners and veterans of the gig economy.

For anyone trying to get in on the gig economy and increase their earning power, Konversai is a great platform that offers a great way to take what you already know and turn it into money while helping others as well.