Know The Different Types Of Slot Machines You Play

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There are hundreds of pg slot machines available made by different manufacturers. The different types of slot machines have their unique playing characteristic. So this is the basic need to understand the varieties of slot machines and their working. Beginners who are new to the game must study the types of machines they are playing. This will help them to determine the number of coins one should play per spin.

With the advancement in technology, the internet has conquered all the areas. No area is remained untouched to it. So for entertainment, also people prefer to play online rather than visiting a land-based casino. You can find slots machine at every online or land-based casino. These are known with many other names like a poker machine, fruit machine, puggy, fruties, etc. different slot machines are available online to make your gaming experience more tempting and comfortable.

Some recognized slot developers in the industry develop and built the online pg slot. Some of the gaming providers are nexrgen, micro gaming, WMS, NetEnt. This is the reason why many online casinos host the same selection of games.

Origin of slot machines

The first slot machine was developed by Charles fey. The body structure and mechanic of slot machines are still as same as the machine first created. The first slot machine named liberty bell is named after the machine bell’s highest paying symbol.

The latest pg slot machines are still similar to the first created slot machine. Its operation is also the same as earlier, but the only difference is that the first slot machine had virtual reels, and now the modern machines have physical reels.

Every slot machine’s working is based on RNG (random number generator) computers, which shows the random sequence at every millisecond. This ensures that every slot is fair and it is not already fixed; the previous spins are not linked with the winning sequence. It’s a random game; nothing is fixed in it. It would be similar to flipping the coin; if you have flipped head five times in a sequence, it doesn’t mean next time you get tail on the next flip.

This article will provide you the complete detail about different slot machines available in land-based casinos and online. You will learn a lot about the characteristics and working of different slot machines.

Let us study the features of various types of slot machines available –

Buy-A- pay

Buy – A – pay slot machine is also known by some other names like buying your pay or option buy machine. In order to play through buy- A-pay machine one must deposit a full coin to activate all the winning combinations. Before starting, the game player must read the paytable carefully. Often players think of a winning combination, but they didn’t get a payout, resulting in disappointment and frustration. Sometimes quick players fingered accidentally play less than full coin because of the carelessness they didn’t notice that the coin is dropped, and they hit the spin button. Most of the time, it doesn’t register; press the bet one button.

The paytable on a buy –A – pay machine is divided into boxes. One box for each coin you play. Coin#1 labeled box shows the winning combinations and how much you get in return when playing one coin. Whereas coin #2 tells you about other winning combinations you can buy while playing two coins at a time, and so on it continues.


As the name suggests, these machines multiply your winnings. Multiplier machine is always the favorite option for the players as its only aim is to increase the player’s winnings. Under this pg slot, payouts multiply based on the coins player put into it. So in these machines, it doesn’t matter how much you bet. Some of the multipliers are straightforward and have simple basic rules on which its working depends while some multipliers are a little bit complex.

Some of the standard multipliers are five times play, wild cherry, wild and loose, double diamond, triple diamond, etc. each game has its details regarding different symbols. Therefore, it is essential to understand which type of base game you are playing with. As some of the symbols multiply, you’re winning while others count towards your line bet and total bets.

You get the same money for each combination you win in a straight multiplier for each coin you play. Each column in the paytable is the payout for one coin multiplied by the number of coins you played. For example, under three double diamonds, you get 400 coins; when you play one coin at a time, you get 800 coins, which is just double of 400 coins for three double diamond symbols. Every time the payout in coin #2 column is two times of the coin #1 column.


Hybrids are the mixture of the above two types of slots. These games are partly multiplier and part buy-A-pay. These machines usually take three or more coins but never less than them. Sometimes the second coin multiplies the payout from the first coin, and the third coin buys new winning combinations. In contrast, sometimes, the second combination buys a new winning combination, and the third multiplies the payout. This is how it shows the feature of both pg slot games.

Other hybrid games are not the same as well. On some other slot, you can play bonus games as well when you get the full coin. If you play a full coin, you can also spin the wheel on the wheel of fortune. Similarly, you are eligible for a bonus game on the old silicon gaming machine banana Rama when you play full coin.

 Likely on the pure buy-A-pay, hybrid machines also have individual coins that pay over 100%. Hybrid slot machines also have higher hit frequencies than multiplier slot machines. So it is advisable to play as many coins as you need to activate all the winning combinations. This benefits you a lot and makes you eligible for all the bonus opportunities.


These are the different machines you may find while playing at casinos or on any online sites. This article provides you complete detail about the characteristic, working of variouspg slot machines. This will help to make a better choice while selecting the one.