Key Facts about Deep Web that you must Know

Deep Web

The internet is not just about normal websites, instead it is way more than just that and deep web is a glimpse of something which is hidden from everyone. Deep web is something which is interesting and considered to be the underground world that operates other than normal internet. It is larger than the regular internet that we explore through Google, Bing or Yahoo. Deep web is never publicized and remains as a mystery for many internet enthusiasts.

Deep web is Anonymous

Deep web is that part of the internet which is hidden from everyone and there are various IP address which cannot be accessed through normal search engines. You can access anything in deep web anonymously. Some say that Deep web is having a lot of dark web and it can be bad or worse as well. Deep web is not indexed by search engines so even though there are millions of deep web sites around, one can explore number of URL on internet waiting to get unearthed. There are many things about Deep web and not many people are aware about it.

Deep web is just like another part of the internet which is not accessible through normal search engines. It is the most popular marketplace where one can access everything anonymously. One cannot trace or track anything through deep web and therefore there are few key things that must be taken into consideration. It is important for the internet users to be aware about deep web before accessing it. So let us consider some of the key aspects about Deep web and how to explore about it.

Deep web is larger than the internet

Many people have not even heard about deep web but the key thing about it is that deep web is bigger than normal internet that you can access through Google, Bing or other search engines. There are billions of websites out there and what we access over search engines is just tip of an iceberg. More than 95% of the internet content which is not exposed to public and not accessible through search engines so one can think about the amount of deep web lying out there?

Deep web and Dark Web

Deep web is the place which is not available on regular internet. It also houses different types of websites and some of the content can be even banned or dangerous. If you are looking for strange things then you can find good part of it through deep web. If you are looking to access obscure or strange information over deep web then you need to be more careful while accessing it. There are chances that may find something interesting on Deep web but it could be hidden or not completely accessible through deep web. Dark web is that part of the internet which is a warehouse of lot of suspicious activities happening on deep web.

Use special software to access it

You need to have specialized software to access deep web. It is not similar to the regular internet. You need to have software installed that gives you the liberty to access public domain easily and securely. One of the most popular software used to access Deep web is using TOR.

This application provides you a privacy to access deep web but you need to take certain precautions while accessing deep web because you may end up landing into a dark website.

Beware of internet criminals

Deep web is a house of cyber criminals and hackers who can easily hop on to your system if you donít keep your system secure. There are lot of websites hidden out there and waiting to fall into the trap. So, you need be aware about the cyber criminals while accessing deep web. Ensure that you access deep web by keeping your system secure.

Never spend money in Deep web

If it is not an absolutely necessity, you should refrain from using Deep web. It doesnít operate on cash or card but instead works with a virtual currency known as bitcoin. This concept of deep web is about working anonymously and it is not possible to track or trace anyone. Therefore, it makes use of special Bitcoin currency because this currency is especially designed for Deep web. If you are looking to expense or buy something then ensure having few bitcoins for trade. 

Over to you

Are you looking to explore more about Deep web? It is important to keep your system secure and safe before accessing the website. You need to have TOR browser in order to access websites easily. As long as you keep your system safe and secure, it would be possible to explore different websites available in deep web. So what are you waiting for? Download TOR today and start discovering more about deep web.