Keep Visitors Coming to Your Website

You’ve put in the hours, and will soon make your site go live. How do you capture and maintain the attention of users in the vast chasm of the internet? Have a look at a few simple tips to maximise your exposure and maintain visitors as well as gaining a new audience.

Make It Simple

No one wants to be put off a website that is hard to navigate, so keep it simple with the way your visitor interacts with the page – offer a search bar at the top, for those who know what they are looking for. Divide all your existing pages under subheadings that, say, progress across the top, for easy mapping; that way a good picture is given of the full content of the site, and encourages your visitor to explore.


This is especially useful if you run a blog covering a variety of topical issues, or you want to categorise products easily.

Use And Update Landing Pages

There are many templates for building landing pages, and these are needed for every inbound advertising campaign you operate. Getting word out about free samples you are offering of a product, or a snippet of a series (like an online comic, or a free e-book), long term landing pages widen exposure. They also catch critical attention for fixed information, like how to guides and newsletter sign ups.

These all need to contain good headers, strongly stated benefits to the consumer (e.g testimonial quotes from customers), SEO terms and a highly visible call-to-action button the consumer will want to click on. Don’t leave these static, remember to play around with format, to see which best encourages engagement.

Segmented landing pages allow you to target multiple demographics at once, for example if you operate a cake bakery and want to target cafes one on hand and consumers for special occasions on the other, you would build separate pages for these two and, from them, run targeted marketing social media ads as well.

Provide Variety

Nothing, perhaps, is as important to running a website, as offering a comprehensive range of relevant services. A prime example of this is if you run a gaming site; it is essential to rotate and update the types and range of games you host if you want to maintain regular users and gain new ones.

Visitors will be kept going round and round with the different versions of roulette offered on a good casino site, for example. Then you can update with games according to the season as well such as festive or film franchise themed games.


If you have a particularly popular short-term campaign and want to do a re-run (for example of samples that the first batch of have gone), or happen to have a particularly popular blog post, consider using the content in a repurposed way. This could be adding an update to a turn of events, a revisit to an issue that has become topical in the news, or a precursor to a new campaign.

Starting with these few simple steps, you should be on the way to creating a positive experience for the visitor and successful expansion in visibility for your website.

  1. Yogita Aggarwal says

    Hey Jaspal,

    Just reached here from the Akansha Dureja blog.

    Its a great post but one point that should be added in the post is Website speed.

    Btw let me know if I can write for your blog as a guest blogger?

    1. Jaspal Singh says

      For guest post, please contact from the contact page form.

  2. Vijesh says

    Well said Jaspal, providing variety does play well in the blogosphere but to produce is what it takes efforts.

    Nice article…

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