Kajabi vs. Teachable: Choosing the Better Platform?

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Kajabi has set the industry standard for course development and content development programs. Teachable is one platform that offers good competition to Kajabi. Both the platforms allow you to turn your ideas into interactive content, whether its business, education or any other goal. Both these programs allow you to reach your target audience with any kind of program – even if it’s a minor expertise you have in a field, you can turn it into a profitable model.

So how do these two platforms stack up against each other.

Before a Kajabi Vs Teachable comparison is made, it is worth pointing out that Kajabi is a more comprehensive platform for developing and selling your courses online. It provides promotional tools which are almost unmatched in the industry. However, Teachable also offers a decent package, but without some of the key features which are more or less unique to Kajabi.

What is Kajabi?


Kajabi is one of the most comprehensive online platforms allowing all kinds of online businesses to promote and sell their digital content. It provides you a comprehensive suite of tools and features required for capturing leads, nurturing them, and generating more revenues and profits. When you choose Kajabi, there is no need for integrating with any other service or platform. You can get everything under one roof.

What is Teachable?


Teachable is another online course development program that stands out for its neat and simple approach. You will find just enough features and tools, which are easy to use, to create your courses. It may not have the marketing features that Kajabi can offer, it still offers an otherwise decent and feature-packed suite.

Marketing Tools & Features

With Teachable, the only major drawback is that you will not find marketing tools required to sell your courses online. It will be required to choose another marketing solution to generate leads and grow your business model.

Kajabi makes it possible for you to sell your content online with utmost ease. The promotional process is simple and almost anyone with basic computer skills can follow it. When you create your courses, your goal is to sell them. That is exactly what Kajabi allows you to do. Teachable has its limitations.

Marketing Emails

Kajabi allows you to send out emails to your customers and prospects from within it. Teachable doesn’t have any such solution in it. You will have to choose another marketing platform, which can increase the costs.

Kajabi_Send Emails

Drip Sequence or Broadcasts

Kajabi’s marketing solution allows you to send out emails to a specific group of your customers or schedule daily drip sequence based on several factors. The Auto Responders feature allows the system to take action based on what your customers or prospects are doing.

All your email marketing campaigns can be tracked with ease. There is no alternative in Teachable to allow you to promote your courses except that it supports drip content feature. As someone signs up, they will get appropriate message to move them to the next step.

Web Page Support

Kajabi supports landing page creation, lead capture and nurturing, opt-in forms, and email broadcasts. Teachable doesn’t support web page creation or lead capturing features. This puts Kajabi at a big advantage over the latter.

Kajabi lets you create an elegant website by choosing from unique templates and offer your products in one place. This feature allows you to sell additional products. Your customers and prospects can visit your site hosted on Kajabi and purchase anything with just a click.

Page Themes

There are many themes for you to choose from. On the other hand, Teachable doesn’t support web page creation or themes. All these themes can be customized based on your preferences to achieve high level of uniqueness.

Kajabi_Page Themes

Create Static Pages

Both Kajabi and Teachable allow you to create static pages so that you can add core information for the long term. These pages can include About Us, Privacy Policy, and Contact Us. Both the platforms are equivalent in this feature, allowing you to showcase to your customers and prospects that you are a credible business.




Both Kajabi and Teachable support built-in blog to deliver more value to your target audience. You can increase your subscriber count and convert more prospects into long-term fans who keep returning to you. With Kajabi, the blog’s theme is based on the website’s theme. However, there are limitations with Teachable.


When it comes to customization, Kajabi stands out at many levels. It provides a wide range of customization tools to reach your audience with a unique product.

Custom Domain

Both Kajabi and Teachable support custom domain. You can choose a domain of your choice or a sub-domain to your liking. This is one feature both provide a lot of freedom with.

Site navigation customization allows you to determine the links that will be added to your site’s header and footer. You can also create links between the different pages, blogs or even external pages. You can also customize all the words, language, writing style and terminology on your page or emails. Your site can look exactly the way you want it to. You can add images, logo and colors that match your brand. Kajabi also offers pre-designed disclaimer pages with “Terms of Use & Privacy Policy” already created for you. This reduces the amount of time you need to spend in order to create your site.


Considering all these factors it is easy to see that Kajabi is a much better platform than Teachable. Even a price comparison puts the former miles ahead. For almost the same price tag, you get much more than you want. The support for marketing, web pages and customization gives Kajabi an edge that the neat and clean interface and ease of use of Teachable cannot overcome. Both the platforms are almost neck to neck until you have launched your program.

You will require the features and tools provided by a platform like Kajabi to be able to succeed with your online course programs.