Just How Secure Is “The Cloud”?

If you’ve been using computers for long enough, you’ve been able to experience a radical shift in how we store data. Going way back, a floppy disk was once considered cutting-edge. Hard drives on our computers and smartphones can seem like they’ll always have space for us, at first. Then, they start to get filled up and our devices aren’t able to perform to their full capacity.

If Only There Was a Better Way

Wouldn’t it be nice if you could keep your files while not having them tethered to one device? You would have more space and would also be free of the stress that comes with recovering files in the event of a crash?

Good news, that already exists, and you’ve probably used it in some capacity. It’s called cloud storage.

What Is “The Cloud”?

Think of the Cloud like the internet. It’s not one company doing one thing. Instead, it’s a place with multiple options for storage of your files. Instead of saving your files to a hard drive (internal or external), you put them in an internet-accessible system such as Microsoft Azure. There are numerous advantages to using the Cloud, which will be explained in further detail below.

Safety Net

When using the Cloud, you can put the rest the fear of a malfunctioning device meaning you lose access to your files. You’re not just throwing it into some random hard drive and crossing your fingers in hopes that everything goes okay. The Cloud is vastly more sophisticated than that. Even if you want to keep some of your files on your personal device, having them backed up in cloud storage is a very wise decision.


If you’re still skeptical about using the Cloud, it might be because of security concerns. Your apprehension is understandable. It seems like we read about devastating hacks and security breaches that result in vulnerable information being leaked. The silver lining is that cloud storage has significantly more protection than traditional methods of storage. When you use the Cloud, you can become adept in practices that ensure your files are secure. Microsoft Azure, a leader in Cloud Computing, offers Azure security compliance training.


Let’s suppose that you’re headed to a work conference and you need to show an important PowerPoint presentation regarding your company’s financial development in the last quarter. Disaster strikes and you lose your laptop. Thankfully, you have the presentation backed up in cloud storage and just have to borrow someone else’s laptop. After logging into your account, you can go forward. Even when life gives us significant setbacks, cloud storage can still be there to bail us out.

The Cloud offers you the opportunity to keep track of your files and free up space on your devices. It’s safe and easy to do. If you have any further questions, speak with any IT professionals you know. The future of storage is here, and it starts with the Cloud.

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