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We are the number one company in garage door springs. We already know how fundamental they are for the operation of the doors, and when we talk about them, we cannot highlight the garage door extension springs. Garage door extension springs absorb and store energy and create resistance to a pulling force. 

To determine the level of adjustment of the garage door extension springs, the initial tension winding the spring is taken as a base. This tension can be manipulated to satisfy the requirements of the load according to the application. Generally, the garage door extension springs are wound in a free and unloaded position; through their components, such as the terminations of hooks at their ends, they fit into the parts so that they connect. 

Garage door extension springs are specially manufactured to provide a regressive force to the components they join. However, there may be some situations whereby the garage door extension springs can fail and compromise the entire system.

First of all, garage door extension springs can be overloaded. This is the most common cause of garage door extension springs failure. When a greater force is exerted, it will cause the spring to break or deform due to the stress suffered by said spring.

Another significant cause of damage is the poor quality of the garage door extension springs, and that’s why Johnson’s Garage Door designed this service to provide you with the best garage door extension springs. Each type of spring has a unique design. 

In the case of extension springs, if it is designed to have a more excellent resistance, then the levels of elasticity will decrease so that when it is stretched too much, it will be more likely that it will break either at the ends, as in the body of the spring itself. 

On the other hand, the garage door extension springs is characterized by being more fragile at its ends. When the hooks are formed, the cable can bend upwards, and the curve created will generate tremendous stress. To avoid this type of failure, the initial design will have to evaluate this action to prevent it at the time of manufacture.

Garage Door Repairman Near You!

We know how difficult and troublesome a problem can be with any spring, be it a garage door extension springs or a torsion spring. That is why we design the best service available, garage door repairman. A service with highly trained professionals so that you can repair not only your garage door extension springs but also any other component of your garage door. 

We always work to satisfy your needs and bring you the peace of mind that you deserve. In this section, we want to tell you a little about the repair service that our team can do in addition to supplying you with the best garage door extension springs.

We are specialists in the repair of garage doors and metal doors for both residential and industrial installations. Our repair service includes evaluating the fault, providing a quick solution, and managing the repair or replacement. We take care of the entire repair process. As we do not depend on third parties, we offer total transparency with our clients. 

We use our best materials, returning the door to perfect working order. We want to build trust in customers and make them feel as safe as our doors are. In addition, we have a substitution service. Replacing the damaged components of your garage door or metal door with more current ones, so we can extend the life of your automatic gate and improve its safety. We also have the highest service in terms of maintaining quality, we manufacture and install doors with affection and devotion, and we know that setbacks exist. 

That is why we have maintenance services to give you total security and confidence for years. Our maintenance technicians know all the models and brands of doors on the market. With maintenance, we keep garage entrances running safely and smoothly.

Garage Door Spring Adjustment Service

As we already discussed, many garage doors use springs to lift the weight of the door when opening or closing the garage door. A garage door extension spring, as you already know, is located on each side of the door above the upper door tracks. Some more oversized garage doors use two springs on each side, although these are not common. 

The springs are connected to the rear way with brackets. The door cable runs over a track pulley and through a pulley near the front of the dock. Now, you already know, but what you still do not is that these need an adjustment from time to time. These springs tend to loosen over time, causing damage and problems to the doors. 

A garage door spring adjustment tries to relocate the end of the door cable, fix it, or avoid future issues. Luckily for you, Johnson’s Garage Door can offer you this unique and ideal service for your springs. From now on, we do not recommend trying to adjust or repair the springs on your own because this can cause serious problems. 

In addition, we can not only adapt to the extension springs, but to any spring you have in your garage. We are a complete service in the business, and we show it this way, occupying all work areas. People often do not give much importance to the adjustment until the problem reaches their homes, so do not sleep and start giving it a little more critical because you will avoid big problems in the future!

We are proud to tell you that we are the most essential and professional service in the garage door business and that is how our clients prove it. We are always waiting for your call and in all places, so do not fall asleep! For more information, you can visit our website or call us, and we will clear up all the doubts you have about this excellent service! We are waiting for you!

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