Ivacy VPN Review 2023

ivacy vpn review

Ivacy VPN, while not as prominent in the market, maintains a steady presence in 2023, attributed to its competitive pricing and capability to bypass Netflix geo-restrictions. The question arises: can Ivacy VPN ascend to greater market prominence this year? Its success hinges on addressing certain fundamental shortcomings.

In an in-depth analysis, we will scrutinize Ivacy VPN across several critical dimensions, including security protocols, privacy measures, operational performance, cost-effectiveness, device compatibility, and the quality of customer service. This review aims to provide a thorough assessment, helping you determine whether Ivacy VPN represents a prudent investment or if other leading VPN solutions might better serve your needs.

There are 450+ servers spread crosswise over more than 100 areas, for example. There are applications for Windows, Android, iOS, Mac, and Kodi, and additionally Chrome and Firefox augmentations. It’s deluge well disposed, there’s no logging, the administration underpins up to five concurrent associations, in addition to it has an off button to secure your protection if the association drops. Specialized pluses incorporate help for PPTP, SSTP, L2TP, OpenVPN, and IKEv2 conventions, split burrowing support empowers picking which traffic you course through the passage, and the element list goes on.

We saw a couple of gets, as well. Ivacy’s servers don’t all help each convention, for example. If you want to utilize OpenVPN, you have just 21 areas and 17 nations to browse.

Costs are low at $9.95 charged month to month, a low $3.33 when you pay for a year in advance, tumbling to a tremendous $2.25 on the two-year plan. That even beats Private Internet Access, which charges $2.91 for its own two-year choice.

Abnormal discretionary additional items incorporate a devoted IP for $1.99 per month and port-sending support for $1 per month.

There’s wide help for various installment techniques, incorporating a card, PayPal, Alipay, Paymentwall, PerfectMoney, and Bitcoin using BitPay.

Ivacy doesn’t offer a free arrangement or preliminary, however, you are secured by a 30-day unconditional promise (or seven days for month-to-month charged records.) This used to incorporate some tricky get – you weren’t secured if you’d utilized more than 7GB of information, or associated more than multiple times – yet these have luckily vanished since our last survey.

We spotted another potential issue, however, in that you won’t meet all requirements for a discount if you use ‘Bitcoin, BitPay, Coin Payments (Cryptocurrency) and Payment Wall as your installment technique.’ Keep that at the top of the priority list before you join.


Ivacy has a phenomenal privacy policy that illuminates all that it records, and all that it doesn’t, in refreshingly clear detail. Here’s a key section:

‘We entirely don’t log or screen, online browsing, association logs, VPN IPs doled out, unique IP addresses, perusing history, active traffic, association times, the information you have gotten to, and additionally DNS questions created by your end. We have no data that could relate explicit exercises to explicit clients.’

On the off chance that you’ve at any point spent an age creeping around VPN little print and its help site searching for an indication of a trace of a piece of information about its protection approach, you’ll acknowledge that it is so uncommon to understand that much data packed into two or three sentences.

The approach proceeds to clarify the individual information it gathers (name, email address, installment techniques) and other accumulation strategies (application crash reports and diagnostics, Google Analytics on the site). This isn’t perfect, yet it’s superior to numerous contenders, and it was great to see that Ivacy additionally enables you to ask for the erasure of your own data by means of its site Members Area.


Joining with Ivacy worked much like some other VPN we’ve at any point utilized. We picked an arrangement and installment technique, gave over our money, Ivacy sent us a Welcome email with a connection to set up our secret phrase, and the site offered connections to Ivacy’s numerous customers.

We downloaded, introduced and propelled the Windows customer without trouble, however then kept running into an issue. It expected us to sign in. Not with a VPN-explicit login, but rather an indistinguishable one from the site. More terrible, it wouldn’t recall our qualifications, either, so we were compelled to return them, each time we propelled the customer.

There’s a contention this averts anybody with access to the framework from utilizing your VPN, however, we don’t know how enormous of an issue that is destined to be. We figure the main problem here is that clients will be enticed to pick a short and unreliable secret word, to make sure they can recall and enter it rapidly. As those accreditations are additionally utilized on the site, that makes their record bound to be hacked, and for others to have the capacity to utilize their record.

The customer interface seems to be like numerous other VPN applications. The opening screen has a huge Connect catch which will naturally interface you to the closest server, for example, or you can pick your area from a rundown. This rundown can be shown as nations or urban areas, however, there’s no inquiry box or different channels, and no Favorites framework to spare normally utilized servers.

A left-hand toolbar encourages you to pick servers for specific undertakings. Snap Streaming, for example, and you’re ready to pick gushing administrations you’d like to unblock and see (Amazon Prime, BBC, Hulu, Netflix and some more.)

Different alternatives incorporate ‘Unblocking’ to enable you to get to geoblocked locales, and ‘Secure Download’, where obviously the administration ‘examines for any infections or malware in the information being downloaded and expels it at the server level.’ The site page on this element says it ‘outputs and evacuates such infections and vindictive documents previously they even advance toward your gadgets.’ That makes it seem like it’s checking the substance of the records you’re downloading, however, our tests recommend it’s most likely utilizing a straightforward DNS boycott to square risky URLs.

Settings empower picking your favored startup mode, for instance, opening with the Streaming page. There’s an alternative to switching convention (OpenVPN UDP or TCP, L2TP or IKEV), an off button and split burrowing support.

Set up everything together and the customer makes them intrigue highlights, however, there are issues, as well. The area list is excessively fundamental (no Favorites, no ping or server stack times), it’s feeling the loss of some little choices we’d hope to see (a Connect menu when we right-tap the framework plate symbol), there are slacks and deferrals with a few activities, we’ve seen it hang for some time and utilize a ton of CPU time for no clear reason.
Desktop customers ordinarily contain the most highlights, however, Ivacy’s Android application was shockingly skilled, with a similar association mode (spilling, downloading, unblocking), an association list shown by nation or city, an off button and split burrowing. It even had a reward additional in a Multi-Port choice to locate the best port for your framework.

We were as yet uncertain about a few components of the Android application. For example, its convention decision appears to infer that it’s utilizing OpenVPN, yet taking a gander at our test association, we don’t know that is valid. However, there’s no uncertainty Ivacy applications have a bigger number of highlights than most, and in case you’re searching for power regardless of anything else, that will intrigue.


Evaluating the execution of any VPN begins by taking a gander at the association time, and Ivacy was more terrible than most. The Windows customer would regularly go through moving toward a moment revealing to us it was ‘bringing area’ (hanging tight to be dispensed an IP address, we think).

We saw it was utilizing one full CPU center for this hold-up time, as well, clearly in light of the fact that it’s questioning the OpenVPN benefit, which proposes to us that there’s some horrendously wasteful code underneath.

When we got associated, the VPN would every so often drop out of the blue. You can turn on an off button to square web get to if this occurs and have the customer redial naturally, yet neither one of the options is empowered of course.

Another incidental issue saw the customer disclose to us we were associated, yet abandon us unfit to get to the web. We don’t know whether this was some neighborhood issue (the customer hadn’t set up the association appropriately), a remote one (the server was some way or another broken) or something in the middle of, yet it’s as yet a worry.

Paces were conflicting, as well. Our closest UK servers extended from 30-65Mbps on our 75Mbps test line; Europe oversaw anything from 20-60Mbps; the US gave us 10-40Mbps; and long-remove servers at last dealt with some consistency, however simply because they were consistently poor, with Australia and New Zealand scarcely achieving 10Mbps and a couple (Taiwan) so ease back as to be unusable.

The Ivacy site flaunts that it enables you to ‘stream anything, anyplace’, which sounds great to us. What’s more, this isn’t simply ambiguous advertising waffle – the applications incorporate spilling capacities where are explicitly intended to unblock Netflix and numerous other gushing stages.

To attempt this, we propelled the Windows customer, clicked Streaming > Select Channel > Netflix, and looked at the customer revealed to us we were associating with ‘Netflix US’. When we were on the web, the customer inquired as to whether we needed to watch US Netflix. We clicked Yes, our default program opened at the Netflix site, and it worked – we had the capacity to stream Netflix content of course.

We proceeded onward to US YouTube, expecting achievement, in light of the fact that YouTube scarcely squares anything, yet – no. It didn’t give us access. We tackled the issue by physically signing in to another US server, which allowed us to stream content, however that is not actually helpful.

We completed our checks by attempting to stream the BBC, however, the customer took an age before we were associated, and didn’t give us access to the BBC player yet abandoned us unfit to get to the web by any means. Attempting to close the association left the customer utilizing a full CPU center again until the point when in the long run typical web get to was reestablished. (A perhaps related issue with Ivacy’s questionable coding is that Cancel and different catches regularly decline to work while the customer is hung up accomplishing something unique.)

Customer support

The Ivacy support site is constantly accessible in the event that you keep running into issues, with a grouping of the establishment, investigating, and different aides. There’s some valuable substance, however not as much detail as we might want, a couple of the articles are obsolete (for instance utilizing screen captures from old variants of the customer), and it can’t start to coordinate the expert articles from major VPN suppliers, for example, ExpressVPN.

Luckily, the site likewise offers day in and day out live visit support. We had a valuable reaction in around a moment when we posted a test question, much superior to anything we’ve seen with the vast majority of the opposition.

The answers we saw were moderately short and to the point, leaving us a little uncertain whether the specialist was clear about what we needed to know. That is maybe not out of the ordinary if the specialist is definitely not a local English speaker, however, as appears to be likely. In any case, the substance of the reactions is the thing that issues most, and here Ivacy scored well, with precise answers which immediately directed us toward the best answers for our issues.


Bunches of highlights

Live talk support

Minimal effort 2-year plan


Some association issues

Arranged Windows customer issues

Conflicting velocities


An account with Ivacy VPN costs $8.95 every month, making it a standout amongst the most reasonable VPNs I’ve yet looked into. The normal expense of multi month-to-month VPN benefit is at present at around $10.50, well above what Ivacy charges. Ivacy is as yet pricier than Private Internet Access, be that as it may, as that Editors’ Choice-winning administration runs a minor $6.95 every month.

Similarly, as with other VPN administrations, on the off chance that you select a more extended-term membership, the expense every month is essentially lessened. A one-year plan with Ivacy costs $36.00, and a two-year plan costs $48.00. Similarly, as with most VPN administrations, Ivacy does not expect you to buy increasingly costly plans to gain admittance to everything the organization brings to the table. ProtonVPN is a remarkable special case to this pattern, offering an easy Basic arrangement with only a couple of servers, and an increasingly costly Plus arrangement that includes more servers and highlights.


Ivacy offers a heap of cutting-edge highlights at a genuinely minimal effort, however, we additionally saw huge issues with the association’s unwavering quality, speed, and the Windows customer. Requesting clients should need to look at it in any case (there’s a base 7-day unconditional promise), however, do some concentrated testing before you purchase.