Items You Need to Have on Your Event’s Sales Page

Items You Need to Have on Your Event’s Sales Page

Event Sales Page

When you are planning on building a sales page that converts attendees to your event, you need to have the right elements available. How you use these elements and place them on the page can encourage potential attendees to either sign up or click out. A successful event can come down how to present it and how well you have optimized the experience for them to go through checkout.

Here are some of the elements you might need in order to create a sales page that converts.

Include details

On your sales page, you are going to want to include all the necessary information that would apply to your attendees like the time of your event, where it is located (or whether it is virtual and which platform it will be on), and what the price of your ticket will be. You will want to include as many details as you can in order for potential attendees to know what is available and if there are any VIP packages they might want to consider.

Have a simple design

Simple design is usually the best when it comes to your sales page and getting attendees to convert. Make sure that you choose bold font and that you use plenty of white space so that those thinking about attending don’t feel overwhelmed. Make sure that your buttons and call to actions are clear and that there is a course of action that makes sense when it comes to checkout. If you have too much going on with your page, it can make it much more confusing for attendees to know what they are supposed to do.

Make the checkout process easy

Like your design, you want to make sure that you have a fairly simple checkout process involved. WordPress event plugins can be a wonderful way to keep visitors on your site so they don’t have to leave and go through an extra step during checkout. You’ll also want to make sure your site is secure so that when potential attendees put in their credit card information that they don’t have to worry about any problems when it comes to hacking.

Follow-up with info

After you have successfully signed up your attendees, you want to make sure that after they have finished the checkout process that they are directed to another page with information on how to access tickets. You’ll also want to send a receipt of purchase and the information through email immediately after they sign up and also a few days and hours before the actual event. This will likely increase the chance that attendees will remember to come to the event at all.

In summary

Your sales page is likely to be the best way for you to convert your potential attendees when you aren’t using third-party platforms. When you have the right elements on your page, you’re setting yourself up for an event that attendees won’t forget.

Written by: Alex Schnee

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