iSkysoft Data Recovery for theDamaged and Lost Files

iSkysoft Data Recovery

Evenif you have treated your PC as well as possible, there are still possibilitiesof them being attacked by the virus or malware. Sadly, the virus and malwaredon’t only cause the PC becoming slower and stopped. In many cases, the filesare also lost or deleted accidentally. When the files are important, sure, youneed to recover them as soon as possible.

Manykinds of data recovery software are available out there. However, is thereamong them that is able to recover the damaged files caused by the virus ormalware? Interestingly, you should not worry now for the presence of iSkysoft data recovery.Not only is it good to bring back the data that have been purposively deleted,but also it is effective to recover the accidental deletion by the corruption,virus, malware, and still many more. So, how to use this iSkysoft data recovery software? Here are the explanations.

Download and Install iSkysoft Data Recovery

iSkysoft, the software for the data recovery, can just actually be simply found. It is available on the official website of iSkysoft. You can download it free based on the types of your PC; it is whether you use Windows or Mac. When you have downloaded it, there will be a complete iSkysoft toolbox in your internal hard drive. Open it and launch the app to make it work.

Just after you launch the main app, there is a window with some instructions of the installation. To install the app, click the next buttons several times. Make sure also to click Agree and Continue when you have been in the page of Terms and Conditions. Of course, it is better if you read those terms and conditions carefully. Later, click the finish button and the data recovery software is ready to use.

Recover the Damaged or Corrupted Data

Next, if you want to recover data from computer and any storage device, you need to launch the iSkysoft data recovery first. There are mainly 4 options available just after opening the window. They are Lost File Recovery, Partition Recovery, Raw File Recovery, and Resume Recovery.

For the lost data caused by the actions of partition and attacks of virus and malware, you can choose the second option; Partition Recovery. Yes, this mode is intended for the lost files that are not purposively deleted. It is for them the lost and damaged ones caused by some accidental actions while using the computers. Commonly, the data are not completely lost but they are just damaged or they cannot be normally opened.

Choose the Type of Files

After passing through the Partition Recovery mode, you may directly go to another window that gives options regarding the types of files. So, what is the type of file you want to recover? Is it the document, image, video, audio, or the others? Choose one of them. If the file is not one of the common files mentioned above, choose the option “Others”.

Choose the Disk

Next, it is continued by the iSkysoft data recovery software asking you where the files were previously saved. In the case that you saved the data in the external hard drive, it means you must connect it to the computer. Continue the process by clicking the Next button. The software automatically scans the intended disk.

Scan and Wait

It doesn’t take too many times to scan the disk. The process is relatively the same with the purposive deletion recovery mode. As long as you know the names of the files well, the scanning may be completed faster. But how is if you cannot find the file using this mode? You can repeat the process since the beginning by entering the Raw File Recovery. It is to recover data from computer and any storage device in which you cannot exactly remember what the name is.

Preview and Save

Finally,there are some files that you may look for. To know whether it is the rightfile or not, you can preview it at first. Next, continue it by saving thefiles. It is better to provide a specific folder first to ease the savingprocess. Sure, you need to be more careful next time to avoid any importantfiles being damaged or lost.

Image Credits: iSkysoft Data Recovery from VectorKnight/Shutterstock