Is the wrestling career of Jinder Mahal and Brock Lesnar in danger?

This last week on RAW, prior WWE Champion Jinder mahal made his coming back to action after some months away due to physical injury. The Superstar suffered knee surgical treatment sometime in June 2019, and consumed almost ten months on the bed as a result.

Jinder Mahal had a successful return as he overcome Akira Tozawa in his return competition, surpassing the cruiserweight Superstar in all departments. Now that Jinder Mahal is back, it looks like he is much more thoughtful than he was during his earlier run. A dedicated and wicked Mahal can be good for RAW, and the brand should not leftover him in comedic acts and disputes as they did during the 24/7 Championship saga. Keeping that in mind, we will observe at the 5 arguments Jinder Mahal should get into after his return, to stay protruding and reconstruct his character to become a force on the Red brand once again.

Jinder Mahal aka Yuvraj Dhesi began his wrestling journey after getting training from Rick Bognar at the Martial Arts Fitness Centre in Calgary, Canada. He then skilled with Gery Morrow and Allen Coage before joining Prairie Wrestling Alliance. There, he held the PWA Championship Title from 2008 to the starting of 2010 as well as the Tag Team Championship. He also contributed in Great North Wrestling (GNW) where he was intricate in disagreements with the likes of Samoa Joe and Hannibal.

WWE Pay per View arrivals and Leaving from WWE

Jinder Mahal competed at the Royal Rumble as the 27th applicant as well as contributing in the Andre The Giant Battle Royal at WrestleMania 30, where he was removed by Mark Henry. On June 12, 2014, it was publicized that the WWE had free Jinder Mahal of his agreement and he left the upgrade shortly after.

Independent wrestling career

He wrestled for the Realism of Wrestling elevation at their summer iPPV, ROW Summer of Champions 2014 under the name Raj Singh, beating Jasper Davis. On October 24, 2014 at Fighting in Vancouver at the live event Fright Night Live, Raj Singh made team with his cousin Gama Singh Jr. to conquest Kyle Sebastian and Collin Cutler to triumph the ASW Tag Team Championship. He also seemed in the Puerto Rican promotion the World Wrestling Council against local star Ray Gonzalez. He also took participation in Qatar Pro Wrestling Souq Waqif Championship tournament in April 2015 where he finishded up as first runner-up. On May 5, 2015, Dhesi, as Raj Singh, made his entrance for Japanese promotion Inoki Genome Federation (IGF), trailing to Wang Bin. In 2016, he also fought for The Great Khali’s fighting promotion Continental Wrestling Entertainment (CWE) in India.

 WWE Return

WWE proclaimed on July 27th, 2016, that Dhesi had re-signed with them as Jinder Mahal and on the August 1st episode of RAW, Mahal and Heath Slater appeared, expacting WWE contracts. RAW GM Mick Foley offered Mahal and Slater an opportunity to get an agreement by beating each other in a match, which was secured by Jinder Mahal.

By December 2016, Jinder Mahal was markedly well-built and had formed a coalition with sister main roster Superstar Rusev. The two confronted teams like Enzo & Cass and The New Day but this coalition soon chop apart and at Fastlane, Mahal and Rusev got distinct matches against Cesaro and Big Show.

 Wrestlemania 33 and WWE World Title Shot

Jinder Mahal was in the second place for the 2017 Andre The Giant Battle Royal, only to be removed by Mojo Rawley who had some aid from his best friend, Rob Gronkowski. Soon after being recruited to SmackDown Live following the Superstar Shae-Up, Jinder gained the Six-Pack-Challenge, overcoming Rawley, Luke Harper, Erick Rowan Sami Zayn, and Dolph Ziggler to be the number one candidate for the WWE World Championship, after a meddling from The Singh Brothers. The next episode of SmackDown saw Jinder fight with Randy Orton with the help of the Singh Brothers and he also shawl Randy’s WWE World Championship belt and ran away during a section. Jinder Mahal inhibited in Orton’s match against Bray Wyatt, helping Wyatt get the victory. On the May 2 episode of SmackDown, Official Shane McMahon enforced Jinder Mahal to turn over the stolen championship belt before defeating Zayn. A week later, Mahal pinned Orton in a six-man tag team match to earn his team the victory.

WWE Championship

It came as a shock to the entire wrestling world when Jinder Mahal defeated Randy Orton for the WWE Championship at Reaction on May 21, 2017, becoming the 50th recognized WWE Champion. He was also the first ever WWE Champion of Indian origin.

Mahal presented a Punjabi celebration for himself at the Smackdown after Backlash where he requested dancers and singers from India. His carnival was cut short as Smackdown Official Shane McMahon informed him that Randy Orton had appealed his rematch section for the future PPV: Money in the Bank.

Orton lost his replay at MITB, giving Jinder Mahal his first positive title resistance. The two men faced off yet again at the battleground PPV inside a Punjabi Prison match which was again gained by The Modern Day Maharaja thanks to a support from The Great Khali. On August 15, 2017, edition of Smackdown, after Jinder Mahal vanished to John Ceva via disqualification, MITB victor Baron Corbin vexed to cash-in his contact on Mahal. Mahal was fruitful in retentive his Championship yet again as he held Corbin with a roll-up.

The Maharaja then arrived a dispute with Shinsuke Nakamura for the WWE Championship. The two shaped off against each other at Summerslam where Jinder booked his Championship by beating Nakamura. In a Summerslam another game, the two faced each other yet again at the Hell In A Cell PPV where Mahal was victor yet again in retaining his WWE Championship.

Jinder finally missed his Championship to AJ Styles on the November 7th episode, bringing his 170-day title reign to an end. Jinder Mahal is presently involved in a competition with United States Champion Bobby Roode and Randy Orton.  This past week on RAW, prior WWE Champion Jinder Mahal returned to action after numerous months away due to operation. The Superstar undertook knee surgical procedure sometime in June 2019, and used up almost ten months on the shelf as a result.

Mahal had a winning return as he defeated Akira Tozawa in his return match, surpassing the cruiserweight Superstar in all departments. Now that Jinder Mahal is back, it appears like he is much more solemn than he was during his preceding run. An attentive and iniquitous Mahal can be good for RAW, and the brand should not left-over him in comedic acts and feuds as they did during the 24/7 Championship saga. Keeping that in mind, we will look at some disputes jinder Mahal should get into after his return, to stay bulbous and remake his character to become a force on the Red brand once again.

5 Big things WWE could be planning for Jinder Mahal- Feud with a returning Superstar?

This week saw Superstars earning impetus as they head to the Money in The Bank PPV which will held on May 10th from WWE Head Quarters. Among all the chaos of a six-man tag team match and Apollo Crews reaching an injury, we saw a previous WWE Champion return.

Jinder Mahal had agonized a knee injury back in June 2018 and was out of wrestling competition ever since. His influential presentation against Akira Tozawa has set the WWE Universe lively. Jinder Mahal looks in much better physical shape than he did and looks strong-minded to make sure that his presence is felt in the WWE.

After a year-long absenteeism and a leading presentation on his return, Jinder Mahal looks as eager as ever. With a main PPV coming up and Mahal’s old friend as WWE Champion, WWE could milk this if it plays its cards right.

Entrant into the Money In The Bank Ladder Match

It may be a chance that The Modern Day Maharaja made his reappearance a couple of weeks before the Money In The Bank PPV. It may also be a fluke that Apollo Crews was incapacitated and will not contend in the MITB Ladder Match, opening up a spot for the match. This scenario appears faultless for Jinder Mahal right now.

It should not come as an astonishment if WWE chooses to supplement Jinder Mahal in the MITB Ladder match, taking Crews’ place. This will not be the first time that an injury caused in a strong showing for the person who substituted the injured. From recent memory, Kofi Kingston had swapped Mustafa Ali at the Elimination Chamber PPV and we all know how that played out.

Mahal may even go on to triumph the competition and grab the MITB briefcase to cash it in at a time when he looks fit. This could be one more quill in Jinder Mahal’s cap and what can be more amusing than a heel holding on to the MITB briefcase.

Side with Drew McIntyre

Back in 2012, Jinder Mahal, Health Slater, and Drew McIntyre shaped an association that was called 3MB or 3 Man Band. They had a clad two year run together before WWE obvious to break up the group.

WWE would confidently want to reenter this bond given the fact that McIntyre is now WWE Champion. If not in the Money In The Bank Ladder Match, Mahal can help McIntyre by destruction the playing field by siding by him.

This past week, throughout the agreement validation between McIntyre and Seth Rollins, we saw Murphy blindside the WWE Champion. Murphy will be an enormous benefit for The Monday Night Messiah in his competition for the WWE Championship. To even those odds, having Mahal lookout for McIntyre would not be all that bad.

This will give admirers a feel-good instant and will build Jinder Mahal as a solid figure in the WWE. This could conclude with Mahal setting on McIntyre for a WWE Title shot sometime down the road

McIntyre’s next opponent

Nothing provides WWE admirers a better feel-good flash than watching two men with history go at it. A quarrel linking Jinder Mahal and Drew Mclntyre would be welcomed warmly by WWE fans. The ups and downs they have been through composed will make a countless story and keep spectators engaged.

Mahal could call McIntyre self-centered for not being aggressive for Heath Slater when WWE was certain to let him go. He could go on to blame The Scottish Psychopath of overlooking his roots once he became WWE Champion and letting it go to his head. This will give WWE an excuse to cord in Heath Slater for this feud.

A plot connecting all three members on 3MB is somewhat the WWE Universe would tune in to. Nobody would have thought these three going on to become fan choices or talking points of WWE shows. They have all come a long way and placed themselves from the ground up. A respect to 3MB could show that WWE is the place where dreams come true and with hard work, the sky is the boundary.

Feud with a returning Superstar

If you have been watching WWE’s weekly shows, you would have nobserved that the company is in a lack of heels. The most reliable repair of the company right now is Seth Rollins and he has been doing a fantastic job. Apart from him, there are very insufficient people that the WWE fans out rightly catcall but like watching.

Jinder mahal is the one who can draft the empty spots. The Up-to-date Day Maharaja is an outstanding heel and promptly be scheduled into a dispute against a Megastar who has been out of action for some time now. Since WrestleMania, we have not seen AJ Styles, Randy Orton, Kevin Owens, or Edge for that matter. Any of these Super wrestlers could be selected to dispute with Mahal and build a convincing storyline. This unlocks gates for many mixtures and maybe even first-time ever competitions.

The WWE Universe must be missing its favorite Super wrestlers and maybe the cause why they are not seeming on RAW is the shortfall of entertaining heels.

24/7 Championship

In 2019, Mick Foley revealed the 24/7 Championship on an episode of RAW. This Championship was a reversion to the Hardcore Championship, which also had a 24/7 rule. Even though Titus O’Neil was the first-ever Champion, the pieces of R-Truth, Jinder Mahal, and Drake Maverick that put eyes on this Title. The title has altered hands an uncountable number of times ever since its opening match. Sessions for this title have taken place on airlifts, in golf courses, at a marriage, and more unconceivable sites. Though this Title is not careful one of the top awards, Jinder Mahal could be the one to bring legality to it. The present 24/7 Champion is Rob Gronkowski. A man who is no foreigner to Mahal. In a latest talk, Gronkowski took a shot at Mahal calling him “Ginger Mahal”. The Maharaja will wish to make sure that Gronkowski pays for his actions. The best way to precise vengeance would be to capture the 24/7 Title and have the most controlling reign as Champion.

Brock Lesnar potentially done with WWE

Coming to Brock Lesnar history, somehow it is opposite to the story of Jinder mahal, could be done and sprinkled with WWE – at least for a while, as per reports. The Beast has not been seen on WWE programming since dropping his WWE Championship to Drew McIntyre in the main event of Wrestlemania 36.

While an nonappearance of Lesnar on our screens at this time of year is not essentially rare, conjecture is now rising that we may really have seen the last of him as a WWE Superstar, at least for the predictable future. Much of the anxiety in respect of Lensar not being around for a while was flashed by Vince McMahon earlier this week.

As per WWE news and rumors, the WWE Chairman revealed during the company’s Quarter 1 Financial meeting call and was questioned about the deteriorating scores on Monday Night RAW. These figures had been chiefly distinguished given that WWE was only just lately given the green light to run producing live content. In spite of extensive limits on generous activities and meetings in the Orlando area, WWE was decided dispensation to carry on operating shows – meaning they are providing a product that many people enjoying at home can’t get elsewhere. Brock Lesnar could be done and scattered with WWE – at least for a while, according to reports. The Beast has not been seen on WWE programming since mislaying his WWE Championship to Drew McIntyre in the main event of WrestleManis 36. Although an absenteeism of Lesnar on our screens at this time of year is not necessarily infrequent, conjecture is now rising that we may actually have watched the last of him as a WWE Superstar, at least for the foreseeable future. Much of the worry in respect of Lensar not being around for a while was glowed by Vince McMahon earlier this week. The WWE Chairman voiced during the company’s Quarter 1 Financial session call and was queried about the deteriorating ratings on Monday Night RAW. These informations had been predominantly distinguished given that WWE was only just freshly given the green light to endure producing live content. In the face of general boundaries on sporting actions and gatherings in the Orlando area, WWE was approved indulgence to carry on operating shows – meaning they are giving a product that many people watching at home can’t get elsewhere.

Vince McMahon acknowledges WWE ‘no longer has’ Brock Lesnar

With scores still sliding notwithstanding that, McMahon oblique that Lesnar’s nonappearance was a causal factor. Revealingly, he said, “We no longer have Brock Lesnar anymore, clearly. “McMahon’s use of the phrase ‘we no longer have…’ in orientation to the multi-time previous world champion does seem to propose that his visible absence is more than a short-term thing. In the past number of hours, however, that conjecture has been taken a step further by Dave Meltzer and Bryan Alvarez of the Wrestling Observer Newsletter. Expert reporter Meltzer himself placed the query: “Does that mean he is not coming back?”

Alvarez then reviewed with the fair supposition that The Beast may be deterred from making his WWE comeback in the present climate, given the company are having to host their shows without one of their most crucial elements – a live crowd.

While Lesnar is still WWE’s utmost wage earner, there can be no hesitation that his festivities in the excitement of performing in front of live gatherings, particularly given he is a Superstar who always provokes a powerful response. Expert wrestling is enjoying somewhat of a prosperous period at the turn of the new era, with stars earning important money with WWE and AEW.

Forbes has measured, studied and exposed earnings of some of WWE’s biggest earners over the last year, covering 2019 and 2020, and there were once again some big hitters. Undoubtedly, the entrance of All Elite Wrestling has only assisted that, with WWE said to have made augmented offers to talent to either persuade them to sign with the company, or to stop them from leaving.

The list offers some captivating facts and figures, and an astonishment or two as well – not least the very welcome attendance of Becky Lynch on the list after a remarkable last couple of years with WWE.

The list does reject sedentary WWE wrestlers like John Cena and Ronda Rousey- both of whom misused almost the whole period in question – and special magnetisms like Tyson Fury, who allegedly took home $15 million for his visit in Saudi Arabia.

His WrestleMania overthrow to Mclntyre was significant and momentous, but would no doubt have carried even additional weight had it played out in front of the 60,000-strong crowd that we could have observed at the Raymond James Stadium in Tampa Bay.

Should that theory finished up being on the money, it may be that Lensar is seeing making his nonappearance an unlimited one, given that there is no clear end in sight for the limits that prohibit live audiences from joining sporting events in the US.

There is example to propose that the nonappearance could be a good thing for Lesnar’s standing in WWE and with the company’s supporters. While there is nobody to suggest the gap in his active career will be years in length, he did attain one of the biggest responses in contemporary history when he refunded after some eight years away, planting John Cena with an F5 back in 2012.

Breaks of up to six months have been common enough in Lesnar’s WWE journey, but it rests to be seen whether this one will be even longer.

Vince McMahon said in the investor call that the company was now capitalizing time in launching new talent at the top of WWE, adding: “…we have a fresh champion and a lot of new wrestlers coming in. So it consumes a while…”