Is the Future of Online Gambling in India Bright?

Is the Future of Online Gambling in India Bright?

Online Gambling
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The online gambling industry has quickly taken over the world. It’s grown remarkably in the last couple of years. We’ve witnessed a drastic rise in numbers of online gambling users. But, what’s the situation in India? Can its residents enjoy placing bets online or playing their favorite casino games on their computers and mobile devices?

India is among the countries famous for their gambling activity. Unfortunately, without a regulated gambling market, a large portion of these activities are illegal. Currently, land-based casinos are legal in only three states —  Goa, Daman, and Sikkim.

The online gambling industry isn’t regulated at all. This means that websites that offer online gambling services can’t operate in India. The fact that Indian gambling laws are outdated and unclear makes it more difficult to implement any changes. The laws were introduced in 1867, so calling them “outdated” would be an understatement.

We can’t say with certainty whether the online gambling industry will succeed in India, but two states have made some changes regarding online gambling. Maharashtra has completely forbidden any gambling activity, and Sikkim has begun issuing licenses to online gambling providers who wish to operate within the state.

However, there are numerous offshore online casinos that are available to Indian citizens, such as Currently, no law makes it illegal for offshore online casinos to offer various casino games to anyone interested. The only condition seems to be that these casinos need to accept Indian rupees. It’s difficult for players to make their deposits otherwise.

Given the fact that around 80% of Indians place some sort of bet at least once a year, online gambling platforms would be more than welcome. Today, online casinos can offer much more variety than land-based casinos. They have more slots and more types of card games. Additionally, there are Live Casino sections for all players who love the thrill of being in a land-based casino.

Of course, these offshore operators offer sports betting opportunities as well. Most residents of India are avid sports fans. Without a doubt, cricket is the most popular sport in India. It goes to the extent of being called a pseudo-religion. India is home to the IPL — the Indian Premier League, a cricket tournament known worldwide.

It would benefit the whole country if India would regulate and legalize online gambling, mainly because it would reduce the percentage of illegal gambling activities happening on a daily basis.

Until such a reform takes place, everyone who wants to bet on sports should turn to offshore online gambling platforms. They are reliable and monitored by trustworthy regulatory bodies. Moreover, these online gambling platforms offer all kinds of sports betting opportunities and casino games.

Even though the number of online gambling platforms available to players from India is not that large, it is a far better option than taking part in illegal gambling activities. Hopefully, this is a temporary solution, and India will make some headway in terms of updating the old gambling laws to make room for new possibilities.

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