Is Pursuing Bachelor’s Degree in Fashion Designing Good Idea?

Fashion Designing

Form or function in isolation can never suffice – even the beauty of art lies in its meaning and purpose. Form and function, working in tandem, bring forth the beautiful, the enchanting, and the useful. Fashion is an art-form, and as such, high aspirations and creative flair can only go so far in isolation. It is when these creative abilities are given meaning and direction via technical know-how that they begin to create something worth admiring. For solid technical skills, aspirants must opt for a professional course – Bachelor in Fashion Design.

Given below are the reasons that will make the importance of fashion design undergraduate courses as clear as day.

Reason #1 In-Depth Theoretical Knowledge

Fashion is all about novelty, evolution, and the context of time, place, and wearer. In any given era, it is a selective collection whereby tastes are derived from a group of people actively responding to the zeitgeist or “spirit of the times.” Hence, it is essential to be aware of the current impetus for fashion. Besides, trends are often influenced by history – a successful fashion designer must have a thorough knowledge of how fashion has evolved over the years and how it is presently shaping society. Not to mention, the various theories involved – style, colour, different fabrics and how they drape, etc. – also need careful attention for designing top-notch designs – be it haute couture or ready-to-wear apparel. A Bachelor in fashion designing will equip designers with knowledge regarding them all.

Reason #2 Hands-on Practical Insights

Theoretical knowledge without practical know-how is like tasting and chewing food without swallowing it – the experience is never fulfilling, leaving one wanting for more. As two sides of the same coin, theory and hands-on experience must go hand in hand. A Bachelor’s degree in fashion designing will allow students to experiment what they have learnt in their classrooms – students will participate in dummy draping, illustrations, drafting, sketches, digital designing, etc. for a 360-degree learning experience.

Reason #3 The Right Company

The fashion industry is a challenging, sometimes unforgiving one; the competition is intense, and aspirants are continually trying their best to stand out. To understand the demands of this industry and to stand one’s ground, young aspirants must work alongside like-minded individuals. The atmosphere in fashion designing institutes will be one where students feel motivated and find inspiration within their company – be it that of professors or other students. A Bachelor’s in fashion designing will open a world of possibilities for their future design portfolio and career.

Reason #4 Easy First Dibs

Most prominent fashion designing institutes have career provisions for students; their tie-up with reputed fashion designing firms allows them to seamlessly transition from their Bachelor course to their internship period. And if students show exceptional performance, they may land the role of even Design Assistants. To be able to work in a top designing firm right off the bat; could there be anything more exciting! Students can avoid unnecessary struggles and career hassles by opting for a Bachelor’s degree in fashion design.

Reason #5 Wide Pool of Career Choices

Besides offering the well-known role of a fashion designer, the fashion design industry has several other coveted roles waiting to be explored – textile designer, accessories/jewellery designer, personal stylist, makeup artist, fashion journalist, among others. However, the catch is that all these roles are more easily accessible for those with at least a Bachelor’s degree in fashion designing.

Choosing the Right Institution

For aspirants wishing to pursue a Bachelor’s degree in fashion designing, choosing the right institution is key to success. Not all institutions are the same – reputed fashion academies like the Pearl Academy combine tradition and technology to provide an end-to-end learning model. Such institutions equip students to take on any fashion challenge with ease.

Opting for a Bachelor’s degree in fashion designing from an internationally-acclaimed institution is not just a good idea but a great one, especially if one is serious about making a career in the fashion industry.