Is Online Fax Services Still Relevant in Modern Times?

Emailing, PDF sharing and Cloud sharing are few common methods in this modern time, and online fax may seem un-required, but many businesses still have inclination towards faxing services due to high security and less probability of leaking confidential information. Signed documents are still pretty handy, if you send a fax and today we will be talking about the existence of online fax services that can help in your business venture.

Reasons why Faxing is still prevalent

It gives you access to Official Signatures – Sending a fax online can be much more faster than sending a snail mail and handmade documents also provide a personal touch. When you decide to send a fax online, you can also scan the document, or click a picture of document and send it over internet. A fax document that’s manually signed is a highly legal and sensitive document, its usage is frequent in legal, medical, government, economic and real estate sectors.

Its highly secure when compared to a Printed Fax or an Email – There are number instances in past, where emails have been hacked, making it less secured in comparison to an online fax. As online fax can only be hacked in a case where your phone line gets hacked, which normally has low probability. When you have a physical fax machine, you have to print the document, which makes it less secure, but with our online fax services you don’t have to take print and faxes can be seen online anytime.

Its more personal and it can make you stand out of crowd – Countries like Japan is still using fax services online and offline in almost every department. Japanese people feel email and other forms of online communication is cold and if they receive a handwritten document, they are much more happier. You even stand out of huge crowd that uses email for submitting applications. Isn’t that a great gesture – hand written notes.

Its still the only way to send docs to many institutions & companies –  Many companies and businesses are still using and choosing fax machines and online fax services to share custom and sensitive documents with their clients and partners. So, to get in touch with such organization you either need to buy a physical fax machine or you can use a online faxing service that can be free in few scenarios.

I hope you now know the all important good reasons to try online fax services, now you need to learn how to send fax online. By setting up an account, uploading your documents by a scanner or camera and you are ready to send a fax.

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