Is it really that Artificial Intelligence will change the world to unsuspected limits?

Artificial Intelligence

I don’t think anyone knows for sure how much the development of Artificial Intelligence (AI) is going to influence our way of life. And what will this mean, what robots are going to take away our jobs?

Predictions about the influence of Artificial Intelligence in society are a subject reserved for experts. There are several studies in this regard that predict a reality that is very different from what we are living right now. They also contain the multiple implications of this evolution of machine learning and its economic impact.

The economic engine AI?

Mark Purdy and Paul Daugherty, authors of the report sponsored by Accenture “Artificial Intelligence, the future of growth” see in this technology an engine for the growth of the world economy, to the detriment of capital and labor as it had been until now. These two elements, as stated in the report, have been showing signs of exhaustion for some time as drivers of economic growth.

An essential trick of Artificial Intelligence, as noted in the report, is that “it can carry out work activities at a much higher speed and scale, or even carry out tasks that would be impossible for human beings. In some areas, you have the ability to learn faster than people, but not yet reaching their level of depth. For example, it is possible to use virtual assistants to review 1,000 legal documents in a matter of days, something that would require the work of three people for six months. ”

This is part of evolution and development. The world to this day has been a succession of constant changes that have brought us to the current way of life we ??know today, with its lights and shadows. And it has been a road full of fear of the unknown until the news was incorporated into the daily routine and normalized.

Before a paradigm shift

It is evident that in the case of Artificial Intelligence, its development involves many risks and of different depths. Two of the clearest come from the hand of ethics and security that will have to work to avoid the vulnerability of data in an increasingly interconnected world.

The fear of the unknown and the questions that open up to a reality that until recently belonged to the world of science fiction is leading us to that AI, at least, as a topic of debate is omnipresent in most business forums and social, whether public or private. Something tells us experts and, not so experts, that the changes that will bring its progressive evolution and implementation in the labor market will cause us to face unexpected limits so far. At the moment, the stage of evolution of AI is in its first steps. Hence, business solutions that automate repetitive processes such as the review of legal documents mentioned above are being presented.

Automate activities such as customer service

It is said that while all sectors will be affected by these processes, some activities are more prone than others to the implementation of automated tasks. One of the clear candidates is customer service. Perhaps this is why in most of the events that have been held lately in relation to this activity, AI is the star theme.

Image credit: Artificial Intelligence via Khanthachai C/Shutterstock