Is Instagram Automation Necessary for Your Business?

instagram automation

Instagram is a popular social network where the main content is photography and video. Cafes, restaurants, boutiques, flower shops, and all kinds of businesses that can be photographed beautifully, have long been making a killing from just one Instagram account. This is not only an opportunity to share photos and videos with friends but also a powerful tool to support brand loyalty, the opportunity to be closer to customers, know their interests and attitudes towards your product.

To optimize the whole process of promoting a business on IG, their owners are in constant search for the most suitable tactics, options, and satellites which can make it easier, faster, and more qualitative. Most of them weaponize Instagram automation to achieve best results and consequently to drive their business’ success. That’s why here we’ll take a look more closely at automation tools, or so-called IG bots.

What is IG automation tool?

An Instagram automation tool is a means which enable the full automation of all your activity on IG directed to the increase both key business metrics such as the number of buyers and clients and qualitative indicators such as brand awareness, the client’s’ loyalty and audience engagement. Its efficiency is premised on the imitation of real human behavior. That, in its turn, is premised by certain algorithms based on Artificial Intelligence technology. 

How to work with it?

You need to get under this bot’s skin, if I may say so, to use it in such a way to get real results. So let’s slice and dice now.

The first step is to adjust the targeting settings. It doesn’t matter whether you have recently set up your business or you have run it for ages, you must know what your Target Audience is. If you are a conscientious business person, you should know where your Ta lives, whom it follows on IG, what hashtags it uses, and so on. Why? Cause, those are the points you need to specify while integrating the automation tool in your SMM strategy. In greater detail, IG bots offer to set the targeting by the following criteria:

  • #Hashtags. Add a list of tags which your TA uses. It may be #nature #beautiful #spring #love #art #flowerstagram #garden #flower #green #sun #landscape #sunset #rose #plants #fleurs #amazing #naturelovers #natural #summer #flowerpower #color #primavera #blossom is you run a local flowers shop.
  • Location. Specify where the IG users live and take pictures from. If you run the same local flowers shop, for instance, in Berlin, it’s better to attract people from Berlin and some nearest towns.
  • Usernames. If you have in view some similar account whose audience you want to draw to your profile, point them out. Moreover, you can name your competitors, and IG bot will work with their audiences.

The second step is to start actively interact with TA. You need to attract attention to your profile, right? As you know, the most efficient way to do that is to like, follow, comment, view Stories, and so on.  With the help of IG automation tools, you can do that in a bigger way.

  • Automatic mass-liking. You have probably heard about this method of enlarging your audience. It’s one of the most efficient means whatever people say. Using IG bot, you delete the monotonous work of liking TA’s accs. Besides, due to carefully set targeting, you can be sure of the quality of the work.
  • Automatic mass-following. The same concept. The tool will follow only the accs of your TA. Faster and more qualitative than you do, for sure.
  • Viewing stories. That’s also a rewarding feature. People love when their Stories are viewed and always come to the profile to see who that stranger is. That’s your chance to acquire a potential client.

The third step is to set up the scheduled posting. Your content is the core. It should be viewed by people every day so that they remember about your existence. Moreover, you always should keep in mind the most suitable time for posting. I’ve seen such search request on Google like “best times to post on Instagram” and so on, but I’m sure there is no such a notion as the universal best time for posting. You need to analyze your TA again. At what time of the day it’s active most when it has time to look through the IG Feed.

  • Scheduled posting. Once you come up with the time of posting, fix it within the IG bot, add a photo, write a caption. Done, you are free as air, and your followers are satisfied.

The fourth step is to maintain communication with your followers. Why? To make them loyal, to turn them into a long-term customer. It will drive your sales and make your business successful.

  • Auto-DMs. To make your communication more personalized, send Direct Messages to your audience. Say hello, offer a discount for the first, second, or fifth purchase. Use imagination. IG automation tool will send them out.
  • Automatic Comments. Comments are a great index of success. People love seeing them under their post. Leave your outstanding comments with IG bot spending just a couple of minutes on it.

The final step is to monitor statistics. You should always observe the developments that occur on your profile. The number of new followers, new likes, the daily number of unfollows. Some tools offer the precise analyses of your promotional campaign: the engagement rate, the loyalty of your audience. Take a chance to improve your strategy!

Probably, that was not the complete list of all functions which automation tools possess. But I consider those points to be the persuasive arguments to take a trial and see for yourself. All the best!