Is Deep Learning Cutting Development Times for App Developers?

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Deep learning is changing the nature of app development in countless ways. Elearning Industry has published a list of some of the benefits of using machine learning to create apps. App developers are focusing on deep learning, because they can:

  • Improve the user experience. There are a lot of reasons that deep learning can help customers enjoy using an app more. The app will monitor their behavior and can predict it in the future. This helps them ensure the necessary resources are set aside for various functions. This can make sure the app runs more efficiently. This is important, because 52% of customers say that a bad mobile experience can stop them from ever using the app again.
  • AI capabilities will improve. Artificial intelligence is another important feature in app development. It is especially useful with games. People playing video games will have to interact with nonplayer characters (NPCs), which are essentially AI driven characters.  They want to make sure that the AI behind these characters are capable of improving. Deep learning means that they work better than ever.
  • Make development time quicker. Deep learning makes it easier for developers to release new apps onto the market.

The benefits of the third point are often overlooked. YND Software House has shared a couple of reasons that deep learning is important for expediting development times.

Deep Learning Minimizes the Need to Develop Algorithms that Are As Long

Developing artificial intelligence algorithms takes a very long time. You need to anticipate all kinds of different events that could transpire.

Deep learning algorithms make this a lot easier. You can just create a few algorithms at the beginning, which can then be programmed to learn from human behavior over time. This eliminates the need to account for every possible event. This also improves the quality of the AI, since many events arenít foreseeable at all.

Developers Can Use Deep Learning Data from Previous Simulations to Shorten Development Times

There are a number of different types of data that you can collect from previous simulations. You can use the data from other apps and incorporate it into new ones. They donít even necessarily need to be from the same type of simulation. You can take a lot of information and use it to get more bang for your buck.

Finding Developers with an Understanding of Deep Learning Should be a Priority

There are a number of factors that you need to look for when choosing an app developer. You need to know that they can develop high quality apps with a rapid turnaround time.

One of the best ways to do this is by making sure that they have a background with deep learning. They should understand not only how to develop deep learning algorithms, but also how to use them to their full effectiveness. They should be able to use them to develop apps more quickly and ensure that they deliver the quality solutions that customers are looking for. Just make sure to check their credentials carefully when you are interviewing them for the positions.

Image Credits: App Developer from Andrey Suslov/Shutterstock