My iPhone won’t turn on


We know how it feels like when your iPhone won’t turn on, and you are actually worried about fatal data loss. Even I have faced this same issue when My iPhone wont turn on after making several attempts. I tried to find the reasons for this and the ways to fix this. There could be many reasons like charging issue with the device, hardware issue, correct software update etc. Therefore, with respect to every of these cause, you can certainly follow a particularly dedicated solution for your iPhone on turning on. Here, we provide you tried-and-tested solutions for this particular problem.

Before you implement different techniques to turn on the iPhone, it is quite essential to diagnose why does your iPhone won’t turn on? Most probably, there could be any software or hardware issue related to the device. In case your iPhone has been damaged physically or been dropped in water, then it might be because of hardware issue. There could be different problems with the lightning cable or its charger. On the other hand, in case your phone is functioning fine and has actually stopped working suddenly, then it could be a software issue. In case you have updated your iPhone recently, downloaded a new app, tried to jailbreak the phone, visited a suspicious website or even changed system settings, then any software issue can be the root cause. While different software-related issues can easily be taken care of, you need to visit any of the authorized Apple service centers in order to fix its hardware.

After figuring out what could have actually caused the iPhone not turning on, you can certainly follow different approaches in order to fix it. For your own convenience, we have created a list of different solutions.

Method Solution 1- Charging your iPhone

In case you are lucky, then you would easily be able to fix your iPhone not turning in issue by just charging it. Whenever the device runs on a low battery, it actually displays a prompt. You can just connect it to a charger to make sure that the phone doesn’t turn off. Whenever the iPhone doesn’t turn on, this is the very first thing you need to check. Let the phone charge for some time and then try to turn it on.

In case you iPhone isn’t charging still, then there could be a certain issue with the battery or lightning cable. Ensure that you are using a working and authentic cable. Check all of the sockets as well as the adapter. You should also know the current battery health of the phone to avoid any such unpleasant situation.

Method 2- Hard restarting your iPhone

If your iPhone isn’t turning on even you have charged it for a while, and then you can try some extra measures. You can start with just hard resetting the device. To hard reset an iPhone, you need to restart it forcefully. Since it actually breaks the ongoing power cycle, it actually resolves most of the major issues. There are numerous ways to hard reset an iPhone depending on the iPhone generation.

Method 3- Using a third-party software for fixing iPhone system problems

In case you aren’t able to turn on the iPhone by restarting it forcefully, you can always try dr.fone-Repair. It is part of the dr.fone toolkit which can fix all of the common issues which are related to the iOS device. It is quite easy to use, and it features a very simple click-through process. So, whenever my iPhone won’t turn on, I always try this software as the tool which is known for its higher success rate. Some of its features are:

  1. It fixes different iOS system issues like white Apple logo, recovery mode, looping on start, black screen etc.
  2. It fixes other iTunes and iPhone errors like iTunes error 4013, iTunes error 27, error 14, iTunes error 9 and many more.
  3. It only fixes the iOS to normal without any data loss.
  4. It supports iPhone 6s (Plus), iPhone 7 (Pus), iPhone SE, iPhone 8 (Plus), iPhone X and the most recent iOS 12 beta fully.
  5. It can easily repair any malfunctioning iOS device without causing any type of data loss.
  6. No matter whatever the problem your device has, it can easily be fixed with this software. It includes malware attack, black screen of death, frozen iPhone, or even phone stuck in reboot loop, to name a few.
  7. It is quite easy to use and doesn’t cause any unwanted hard to the device.
  8. It is a desktop application available for both Windows and Mac PC.
  9. It comes with its own free trial version.
  10. It is compatible with all of the leading iOS devices and even supports iOS 12 beta.

Without having any previous technical knowledge, you can easily use (iOS) in order to fix all of the issues related to the device.

Steps to Do

  1. Launch the dr.fone toolkit present on your system and then select the “Repair” module present on the welcome screen.Repair
  2. Connect the iPhone to your system using a lightning cable. Wait for some time as the device gets detected by the application. After getting detected, now click on the “Start” button.Repair step
  3. Now the application will offer basic details regarding the device. You can just copy the serial number before you go forward to the next step.Repair step
  4. After this, you have to put the device in Device Firmware Update or DFU mode. You can now view on-screen instructions in order to do the same.Repair step
  5. After the device actually restarts in the DGFU mode, this application will prompt you to provide few details related to it. Just provide the model, serial number etc. to download to the most recent firmware update that is compatible with your iPhone.Repair step
  6. Wait for some time as the application will be downloading the respective firmware update. In order to speed up this process, you need to make sure that you have a stable and fast internet connection. As the firmware update gets downloaded, you will be duly notified. Now click on the “Fix Now” button in order to resolve any of the issue related to the device. Make sure that you have enabled the “retain native data” option in order to save the iPhone data.Repair stepRepair step
  7. Within a few moments, your device would be restarted in the normal mode. In the end, you will see the following prompt.Repair step

This is it. After following all of these steps, you can easily fix your iPhone not turning on issue. This application is compatible with all of the leading iOS devices and can easily resolve iPhone 6/7/8/X turn on problems too.

Method 4- Restoring your iPhone with iTunes

In case you don’t wish to use any of the third-party tools in order to fix the iPhone, you can always try iTunes. By taking the help of iTunes, you can easily restore your device. Also, it will fix the iPhone won’t turn on issue as well. The only problem is that all of your existing data on the device would get deleted. So, you should only follow this particular approach in case you have already taken a backup of all your data beforehand.

To restore the iPhone, connect it to the system and then launch an updated version of the Apple iTunes. Select the iPhone from the devices icon and then go to the Summary tab of the phone. Click on the button named “Restore iPhone”. Confirm this choice and then wait for some time as the iTunes would actually restore the device.

Method 5- Restoring iPhone to factory settings in Device Firmware Update (DFU) mode

In case nothing works, then you can always go to the last resort. By simply putting your device in the Device Firmware Update or DFU mode, you can easily reset the iPhone to factory settings. It can also be done through iTunes. The solution will actually update the device to a particularly stable iOS version. The main catch is that all of your existing data on the device would get deleted.