10 iPhone Tricks that you didn’t know yet

Rediscover your iPhone, with these hidden, lesser-known tricks that many of you may not know.

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1. Lock Autofocus and Exposure

The default camera app for your iPhone has the option to increase and decrease the exposure plus change the focus, you may know this.

But if you want to lock the focus and exposure, you just need to long-press your iPhone screen. The point where you long-press for a few seconds, iPhone will capture that moment and locks the values for autofocus and exposure at that time.

It will be useful for recording videos that require constant changing to angle and objects and autofocus and autoexposure can make the video look terrible.

2. Use Airplane mode for fast charging

If you want to charge your iPhone in the quickest manner possible. Then just switch on the Airplane mode. This will ensure fast charging and a needed break from all those annoying notifications 🙂

3. Set shortcuts for text

This iPhone trick is for saving time while typing the same phrases every day while messaging. For example, I type (Good Morning, How are you?, I am good), etc. All of these and more can be shortened like (gm, hay, img), etc. via Settings > General > Keyboard, enabling Shortcuts and writing these in Text Replacement.

4. Enter letters instead of numbers in passcode

Passcodes can be numbered as well as text. If you want more security and longer password to open your iPhone, then this option is excellent for you. Go to Settings > General > Passcode Lock, turn the simple passcode option from here.

5. Ask Siri – What Flights are Overhead

The amazing Siri can tell you, which flights are flying over your head or nearby. It searches on Bing and can also use your Twitter account to find any mentions about flights that are flying above. It also gives a view a sky map that is quite fascinating to see.

6. Stop any accidental in-app purchases

In 2014, a boy from Belgium accidently spent over $42,000 from in-app purchases. To prevent this thing to happen to go to Settings > General > Restrictions and turn off in-app purchases after enabling restrictions. Both Apple and Google have refunded money in millions over few past years. But still you have to be careful, especially when kids use your iPhone.

7. Undo and Redo

While typing any text you can undo and redo a few actions by Shaking your iPhone. When you have typed wrong you normally erase it by deleting it a key, this issue of erasing can be solved with shaking your phone. If you don’t need this kind of setting that is activated already, then go to Settings > General > Accessibility and turn off or on “Shake to Undo“.

8. Music with Timer

If you like to listen to music before dozing off then, iPhone will let you set a timer and switch off the music automatically after a certain amount of time. For this Go to your Clock > Timer and select “When Timer Ends”, here at the bottom of sound alerts you will get an option of “Stop Playing”.

9. Click pictures without touching screen or pressing volume buttons.

While taking a selfie with front or back camera, you don’t need to touch your phone or volume buttons if you have your earpods nearby. With iPhone Earpods, you can take a selfie without shaking your hand.

Apple new Watch also has similar option of clicking a photo and you even see yourself while using it.

10. Leveler

iPhone has a leveler inside so you can use it in household activities that may require you to get the leveling right. Go to your Compass app and swipe right side. So, get your inner carpenter out.

That’s it for now, if you have any iPhone trick that you want to share, please do it from the comment form below.