iPhone’s Safety Check and Emergency SOS: How to use these features

Two features delivered thru Apple’s iPhones — one just raised in iOS 16 — can assist people who may require to separate themselves from difficult people or situations.

  • Safety Check 
  • Emergency SOS

While a great deal has been written and broadcast about how to trade with attacks and privacy violations online and thru social media, there is now increasing attention being paid to supporting people to stay secure in their homes and around the globe. 

Safety Check

The most noteworthy new feature in iOS 16 is Safety Check, specifically for people who uncover themselves in a difficult or abusive conditions at home.

It is across the board for friends and partners to share various apps and features, such as photos, calendars, and location. Unfortunately, it’s possible that these valuable tools can be abused if the wrong person earns access or if a couple separates. Safety Check will permit you to cut off some or all of your links so that you will no extended be trackable. In addition, the data will not be shared, including your photo albums, home data, location information, and more.

To operate Safety Check:

  • Go to Settings > Privacy & Security > Safety Check. 
  • You’ll see two features: 
    • Emergency Reset 
    • Manage Sharing & Access

The Safety Check page allows you to do an emergency reset or, more precisely, manage your shares.

While devising an emergency reset, you can hit the Quick Exit button in case you need to.

Select Emergency Reset if you need to cut off access to your accounts immediately. You may request a Face ID or other ID to access it.

Tap Start Emergency Reset to be conducted by quickly protecting your data from people and apps, altering your Apple ID, and adding or subtracting emergency contacts.

To do a more regarded review of specific people and/or apps you’d like to switch off, select Manage Sharing & Access. Again, you may be requested for an ID.

Manage Sharing & Access Page

Manage Sharing & Access allows you to configure whom you want to deny access to and to what.

You can also choose which apps you desire to access your data no longer.

Click on the Continue button, and you’ll be instructed to modify who you are sharing apps with, which apps have the key to your data, which gadgets are signed in with the Apple ID, and which contact numbers are used to affirm your account. You will also be requested if you want to add or subtract emergency contacts, update your Apple ID password, or update the device password.

On each page of Safety Check in the upper right corner, a Quick Exit link will immediately move you back to the homepage.

Emergency SOS

Emergency SOS permits you to make an emergency call by either pressing and to hold the side key and one of the volume buttons or pressing the side keys five times.

Emergency SOS allows you quickly connect to emergency services.

You are carried to the Medical ID page to add an emergency contact.

To establish Emergency SOS:

  • Proceed to Settings > Emergency SOS.
  • Activate Emergency SOS by switching on either Call with Hold or Call with 5 Presses

You’ll get a countdown and an alert sound when you perform the chosen action. In addition, emergency services will be called.

You can also pick an emergency contact to be forewarned if Emergency SOS is activated.

Pick Settings > Emergency SOS > Set up Emergency Contacts in Health.

You’ll be brought to the Medical ID page; click Create Medical ID.

Scroll down to Emergency Contacts, and tap add an emergency contact. You’ll then be able to select a person from the contacts list.