Investing In Mobile Learning Apps Is Not A Short-Term Strategy: Here’s Why

Mobile Learning Apps

As more and more businesses are adapting the work from home model to cope with the ongoing pandemic, several formerly offline functions of business are taking place on the web.

One such department is employee training. While the tools needed to deliver online training, like mobile learning apps, have been in the market for several years, many businesses are just understanding their advantages now.

At the same time, there are those that are using these elearning tools as a temporary fix that will keep the training wheels moving until the pandemic has passed.

However, if you have chosen the right tools, elearning can be extremely advantageous for your business, even when it is not an absolute necessity. In this article, we will talk about such advantages of learning management systems that offer a mobile learning app.

Here are four advantages of mobile learning apps, that will stay relevant even after working from home is not a compulsion:

Just In Time Training

There are several benefits of offering just in time training. From better engagement levels to faster and better completion rates, just in time training, when done right, can transform the results of your employee training initiatives.

With a mobile learning app, just in time training can be delivered with great efficiency. Let’s take an example of a new joinee at a manufacturing plant. As soon as they reach the workplace for their first day on the job, with the help of their location data, the mobile learning app will deliver the relevant training videos to their device.

This way, based on location, the learner will have access to the information that is most relevant to them.

Simpler Extended Enterprise Training

Training customers, partners, or vendors can be a complex undertaking. This is especially true if delivering the training requires specific hardware and software.

In a world where more than 50% of internet users are mobile device users, it makes sense to make your training available on smartphones and tablets.

Training Anytime, Anywhere

While all cloud based learning management systems claim to have this feature, they still require a desktop or a laptop computer to function.

This issue is completely eliminated with a mobile learning app. Hence, your learners can truly enjoy the freedom of consuming their training content any time, anywhere. It can be on the commute to the office, or simply during a boring lunch break.

In fact, providing this freedom to your learners can potentially reduce the overall average time taken by a learner to complete your training/course.

User Friendliness

While user friendliness is also a matter of great importance for desktop LMS developers, the need to simplify user interface becomes much more pressing on a mobile device.

As a result, you, as an administrator, get access to cutting edge yet easy-to-use course management and tracking features at your fingertips. At the same time, your learners get access to just in time training, on the go training, and much more, coupled with a delightful user experience.


The advantages of mobile based learning applications are far reaching. With that said, in order to enjoy these advantages to the fullest, it is important to be careful while choosing a mobile learning application. While taking a free trial is a great step in this direction, also make sure you check out their support quality and scalability of the app you choose.