Internet Connection Speeds Matter A lot | Speed Test Explained

It is 2019, and it is safe to say that the world around us today mostly depends on the internet for getting things done. In that case, an internet speed test is a must for everyone. That will allow you to judge the connection provided by your internet service provider and is it worth the monthly subscription charge you are paying.

Talking about internet speeds promised by the ISP, there are a lot of flashy numbers and attractive figures they talk about while rolling out a new connection to your home or be it your office in that case. ISP on the other hand often deceive their users by providing lesser speeds than the ones promised in the subscription package. In a busy world, no one honestly cares about what the exact speeds they have been getting from their ISP. Although it is of utmost priority that you put your internet connection through a speed test every now and then.

Regularly checking the speed of your connection will assure you that you are paying the right price for the value. Also, it will help you to get your work done when it comes down to a task that demands a fast internet connection speed.

The article here will cover almost all the aspects of an internet speed test. Users can also check speed test from techienize and find out their true internet connection speeds. If the results are satisfying, then you are lucky to have a great internet service provider, if it is the other away around contact your ISP right away after the speed test and ask them to justify the cause.

What is an Internet Speed Test?

An internet speed test isn’t rocket science on which you should be confused about preferably it is a simple method to check the speed of your internet connection. I am sure that your broadband service provider conveyed you catchy stuff about their internet connection and how is their connection speed the fastest and why you should choose them over every other available option around?

Well, the time has finally arrived for you to ask them a few questions after you have checked your internet speed. Getting back to the speed test, and what it is? A speed test is a way to check the speed of your internet connection, and tally it with the Tariff sheet of your service provider. A speed test will show you the actual download and upload speeds you have been getting from your ISP. Along with the download-upload speeds, you will also get to know about a few other factors like PING time in milliseconds, the name of your ISP with that the native IP address of your service provider.

Now for example during the time of installation, your ISP promised 50-Mbps of connection speeds at a tariff price of 10$ per month. That directly implies that you will be paying those valuable 10$ only for an internet connection which offers you a speed of 50-Mbps only. If the results of the speed test show some other reality, its time you should call your ISP, sit down and have a word or two with them.

What are some of the most popular Speed Test tools around?

Whenever you search speed test in Google, the search engine is going to return you with some of the most popular tools for speed test. The first one is undoubtedly going to be the SpeedTest by Ookla followed by XFINITY speed test.

Well before I started writing this article, I ran a speed test for my internet connection from both of the above-said tools. Besides, both of them are exclusively free of cost. The next section will have a brief explanation for the free tools available for speed test.

  • SpeedTest by Ookla: It is by far the oldest tool for internet speed test. A user can visit the website and click on begin test to check their connection speeds.  The results will show the connection details along with the speed details achieved during the analysis.

  • Xfinity SpeedTest: Another great free tool to check internet connection speeds is Xfinity SpeedTest. The procedure here is also similar where visiting the website and clicking the test button will return users with the speed test results.

Although a user while checking his/her internet connection speed from Ookla’s service have to confront a lot of ads. On the other hand, the interface for Xfinity is clear and smooth without any ads interfering your speed test experience. Thus we will be talking more about it in the further sections to come.

Why choose Xfinity Speed Test Tool over the others?

Firstly, there are no ads in the service from Xfinity. Secondly, along with testing your connection speed, it has a lot more to offer to its users. If you are having a great internet connection and want to share the speed details arrived from the results with your friends or colleagues then this site will positively allow you to do so. Xfinity also has good internet speed plans for home-based internet users where the speeds range from 6-Mbps to 105-Mbps.

How to Share your Speed Test results through Xfinity?

  • To do so, click on the share button you get to see after the test is over.
  • Once you click on the share button, you will get a URL link.
  • Share the link with anyone who wants to know your internet speeds.

Xfinity Speed Test Review

There are a large number of free speed test tools available on the market. But the one to come in prominence in a short duration will be Xfinity and why not? The service is indeed exceptional, and without the hosting of any ads it just adds up to the value.

Final Words

Your search to check speed test from techienize has finally come to an end. We hope that the article covered every bit of doubt you had regarding the speed test. Frequently testing connection speed is a must and now that you have proper knowledge on the subject, it will be easier for you to judge your internet service provider.