International Keyboard Windows 10 : How to Add it

International Keyboard for Windows 10, or the US International keyboard layout is a feature of Windows that permits easier input of accents for Spanish, French, German, etc.

It is highly recommended for those who do not wish to use the ALT number combinations for the required characters and work in most programs which run on Windows.

How to Install the US International Keyboard Layout

Go to the Start menu from desktop > Settings > Control Panels. Open the Regional and Language Options control panel and click on the Languages tab. You may have to click on a button called Details under a section called Text Services and Input Languages. That should take you to the Text Services window, as shown below.

If you wish to add and use US international Keyboard on your Windows 10 PC, please follow the article’s steps.

Step 1 Tap on the Start button and then the gear-shaped icon to Open settings.
Step 2 Tap on Time & Language.
Step 3 Tap on Language from the left menu.
Step 4 Tap on English (United States) to expand and click on Options.
Step 5 Scroll down and then click on + Sign beside Add a language.
Step 6 Select the United States International from the list.
Step 7 Now, in the Taskbar, click on your language.
Step 8 Now, select United states International from the list.

This will install United states International configuration on your Windows 10 Computer.

Hope it helps you to get the International keyboard on Window 10.