Interesting Steps to Write Pregnancy Journal

We all know that the nine months of carrying the baby in the womb is a great feeling, which cannot is impossible to explain in mere words. A pregnancy journal is undeniably the best way to remember what it felt like when you first heard about your pregnancy and the journey you had from the first day of pregnancy till the last day of delivery.

Things related to this period like choosing a name, the mood swings you have, the first kick – you can write everything in your pregnancy journal.

Take the first step with deciding upon how you want your journal to be. Like, if you’re going to jot down the memories or keep mementoes in the form of ultrasound printout in a book or swap your journey in the form of stories with other would-be mums in online journals.

After you have decided on this, the next step is what you shall write about. Let’s discuss the aspects of pregnancy you should highlight in your journal.

How can you start with your pregnancy journal?

Start with describing the scene when you get to know about your pregnancy. Were you anticipating it? Was it more of a surprise? How did you break the news to your partner? Include the best reactions you got from your family and friends when you shared this exciting news with them.

Changes in your body

You can make a chart about the baby’s development in your body as well as how you experienced the transformation during these nine months. Keep records of the moments of visiting the physician every month or how you felt when you heard his heartbeats. Do not forget writing about the odd food cravings to the weirdest symptoms.

Selecting a name

Deciding upon the name of a little one is one of the best moments that every parent gets to experience at least once in their lifetime. Write down those names shortlisted before finding out about the baby’s gender. Did both of you agreed on the same name or you have to lobby along to become the winner?

The emotional side of being among

Pregnancy brings along a realm of mood swings, from the excitement of meeting him for the first time to the wonder that may take you over each time he kicks. You can even write down the negative emotions that you make get to laugh upon later on.

Round 2

If you are not pregnant for the second time, you can focus on what makes you think about having this second baby. Of course, your second one will not be any less special. So, you can write everything you feel in comparison to the first baby. Like, your first child kicked a lot more, or this time, your bumps are visible within weeks. You can also describe how you explain to your first child about becoming a big brother or sister and the way he responded to the news.

Pre-mum life experiences

You can paint a portrait in your own words of your life before having kids. It’s relatively easier to forget things when you get buried in a heap of dirty burp cloths. List of the TV shows you used to enjoy with your partner, your favorite songs and activities that keep both of you occupied throughout the day. Talk about your group of friends and how you spent your free times, as well as your career planning. Scribble the details about the right time of having a baby and how you planned it with your partner. Finally, writing the predictions you had about your baby.

It’s a great way to remember this beautiful journey of life and cherish it during your old age with your beloved partner and grandparents, sitting beside the mantle with a cup of hot brewing cup of coffee.