Instagram Post Ideas: Creativity Increases Engagement

Instagram Post Ideas are helpful to increase your engagements with followers. Instagram users upload over 100 million posts a day, so getting lost in the noise is straightforward. However, missing just a couple of days in your posting schedule could set you back significantly.

Every social media manager has experienced creative blocks when brainstorming approaches for Instagram posts. However, no matter how volatile this creative block may be, it can drastically impact brand performance because you need to engage your audience to remain Instagram-relevant constantly.

In addition, Instagram has updated its algorithm to ensure that posts from your most valued accounts get top priority. However, it means you also have to drive meaningful engagement through your posts if you want to maintain organic visibility.

Considering the factors, you should forever be provided with a set of content ideas. You always understand what to post on Instagram. Take a peek at given creative Instagram post ideas that will assist you in building a robust content calendar.

Instagram Post Ideas

Humanize your Brand 

Creating an emotional bond with your followers can assist them in remembering you better. One of the best techniques to do that is by dispensing the human side of your brand and highlighting the people behind it through creative Instagram posts. For instance, you could accord their individual stories or give them working behind the scenes if you ever go out of Instagram post ideas.

Create Original Visuals 

You don’t certainly have to practice your original visuals to send data and information; you can also employ them to cherish your audience and generate creative Instagram posts. Share the fun and relatable jokes, quotes, or even relevant quotes from prominent people utilizing original visuals. You can build customized graphics like in the previous point.

Seasonal posts on National holidays

Creating posts linked to a season or a national holiday is an excellent way to capture the moment and your audience’s attention. You may brainstorm creative Instagram post ideas on infusing your brand and your products into the incident. Plus, using the holiday hashtag could promote your content visibility and help you entice more followers. You can use the yearly calendar to maintain track of upcoming national holidays related to your brand.

Tell Real Stories thru User-generated Content

Infuse remarkable social proof into your Instagram posts by partaking in real stories of existing clients. It is an excellent way to appreciate your loyal customers while winning the guarantee of prospects. In addition, you can create a robust brand community when you share the content created by your followers about your brand. Plus, it encourages you to fill your content calendar when you’ve gone out of ideas for Instagram posts.

Create Original Graphics 

Received any interesting facts and stats to deal with your followers? Roll them into aesthetically-pleasing visuals that fit your brand image and stand out in your followers’ feeds. While the information you’re sharing may be fascinating, Instagram is a visual platform, so users may not pay much attention to it unless it’s in graphical form.

Creatively Flaunt Product 

If you’re running a brand Instagram account, there’s no uncertainty that you’ll be building product posts. You must get creative and gain a way to strategically showcase your product characteristics without forcing the audience too much. Supplementing humor to your captions is one of the best Instagram post ideas when you’re planning to promote your products. If the spirit doesn’t fit your brand image, you can always try captions that highlight the value your product offers. Keep it laidback, spontaneous, and in association with brand voice.

Showcase Participation in Social Causes

Another unique way to appeal to your audience’s sentiments is by dispensing your support for a cause. So telling just how charitable and ethical your brand is would be one of the most artistic ways to post on Instagram. Highlight some of the reasons you’ve been encouraging so your followers know the kind of work you do beyond promoting your products.

Popular Faces to confer Credibility

Well-known faces—whether it’s celebrities or social media influencers—can significantly boost your brand credibility. Some of them might also tag you in their posts when they’re raving about your products. Co-create content and share it on Instagram to promote the Credibility and visibility of your feed.

Go Behind the Scenes

It improves your followers exhibit like part of the brand because they don’t just view the finished product but get a glimpse of what’s involved in making it. It encourages them to get involved from start to finish, which is highly effective in forming a stronger bond. Showing what’s moving on behind the scenes also allows you to keep transparency. Finally, it wins the trust of your audience.

Make Tutorials

Ascertain the value of your brand’s Instagram account by answering your audience’s informational requirements. Tutorials and suggestions are among the best Instagram content ideas that grow up as a way to tutor your audience. For example, you could show them how to use your product to do a particular task, how to install your product, etc.

Entice followers with Teaser 

If you’re launching a new product, Instagram is an excellent platform to entice your audience with visual teasers. For example, you could create Instagram post ideas to provide followers a glimpse of what you hold in store. Macro images of the product specifications, quick clips of the product in action, visuals of the product being offered, etc., are some ideas to tease your followers.

Create Shoppable Posts 

When you post pictures of your products, many followers may be tempted to purchase them. But they’ll have to work through a lengthy process of visiting your site individually and then hunting for the products in your posts. So alternatively, start tagging your creations to build shoppable posts, so people have a more specific time completing their purchases. The Instagram Shopping feature lets you create posts with product tags that people can tap on to find more information such as descriptions, prices, etc. They can then directly check out the product through this process, helping you increase traffic and sales.

Wrap Up

These are creative ideas to post on Instagram and interlock your followers. Many of these Instagram post ideas concentrate on discovering more robust bonds with your audience, expected for brand growth. Make the most of these ideas and uncover a full content calendar to never fall out of ideas repeatedly.