Instagram Music Is Now Available In India: Use The Feature Today


The much talked about and anticipated Instagram music feature is now available for users across India. The feature was introduced in the USA in 2018 followed by many other countries. The Indian users were waiting for the trendy feature to hit India since forever.

This is a piece of great news for all Instagram lovers and addicts. In case you arent aware of what this feature is all about, it basically allows users to add official musical tracks in the background to their stories on Instagram.

How To Use The Feature In Your Stores


To use the Instagram Music you need to update the app. Once you have the latest version of the Instagram app, just go to the story. Under the stickers section, you will find feature labelled as music. Once you tap into that, you can spot three different sections, namely “Popular”, “Mood” and “Genres”.

The popular list is comprised of all the hit trendy songs by Indian as well as other artists across the world. You can find anything from the latest Arijit Singh sensation Pachtaoge to Baby Shark. The Mood section has something to offer to everyone. From Upbeat to Fun and Romantic, the ten different options will fill you up.

Genres like Hindi, Punjabi, rock, hip hop are also available. At the same time, users can also search for songs and select from the search results. The viewers will be able to hear the song along with the name of the artist. Instagram also added the lyrics section under which you can even add the lyrics of the song you pick for your story.

The user can choose what part of the song they want to play on their story and also select the size and font of lyrics. This is a masterstroke by Instagram to gain the hype back. It is no brainer Instagram is the most popular and trendy app across the world. Indians is one of the leading users of the app.

Get ready all you Instagram lovers, as your Instagram handles and stories are going to be crazier, sassier and better.