Do You Want to be Instagram Famous? Know These 7 Hacks

Instagram is the in thing for people between the ages of 18 and 30. Statistics show that about 59% of all Instagram users are below the age of 30, most of who are women. These young people are persistently looking for fame by posting on Instagram pictures and videos of themselves trying to gunner views and likes as well as followers. The quest to become famous has led to some posting nudes and indecent pictures, some going to the extent of posting pornographic live videos just to draw followers to their page.

With more than 200 million people using the app actively on a monthly basis, you have more than enough audience to become famous. If you want to be Instagram famous, you really do not have to go completely out of yourself. Here are seven hacks that can assist you to get that fame.

Do Your Research

First and foremost, you must identify your target niche. There are different audiences on this platform, and you cannot appeal to them all. People have different tastes and preferences. Once you identify your audience, carry out intensive and extensive research to know what they really want and how to deliver that particular content. You will need to have a posting schedule to keep your page alive, and always respond to your fans’ responses and requests.

Take Quality Pictures

Irrespective of the angle your account takes, it is vital that you have super quality images if you want a massive following. This platform is mostly all about images. People are here mostly for entertainment before getting any information. It is your duty to make sure that your audience is entertained by posting quality stuff. You will know they are if they respond with many likes. You can use a quality phone camera or simply buy a good camera and learn some basic editing skills.

Use Captions Creatively

Images are plain with an accompanying story. As mentioned earlier, it is all about entertainment and drawing attention to your profile. You can use a mixture of an inspirational and funny caption. Try to tell a story with your profile to maintain an active engagement with your audience. It is true that a picture tells a thousand words, but a caption makes it even more captivating. Let your audience have that urge to check out your page due to your witty and funny updates.

Use hashtags and Participate in Popular Conversations

Hashtags are the heartbeat of this platform. They are useful in directing people to your page and connecting with others with similar interests. Make sure you make the most out of them. Engage yourself in a popular and interesting conversation where many people are contributing and make sure your presence is felt. Use popular hashtags to ensure that you stay beyond others. The more tags you use, the further ahead of the crowd you will be, and the more the following you will garner.

Create a Captivating Bio

With the massive number of people using Instagram, your page might just be drowned in a sea of others if you do not let it stand out from the rest. Your bio is the gateway to your page. People will first take a glimpse of it to decide whether to proceed to your page or not. Make it worth your while by creating something catchy and interesting to pique peoples’ interest and view your other content. Be descriptive, but not too wordy, and have a nice quality profile picture to draw interest to your page.

Post Regularly

As we said, Instagram is an interactive platform. If people do not see new content, they will soon lose interest with your profile and concentrate on those that have content. Big brands try and post content even more than once per day. As a growing brand, you do not have to post every day, but at least try and be regular with your posting. Do not let two days pass by with having posted at least a photo, or an Instagram story. You do not have to post just what is within your brand. You can surprise your audience once in a while with some interesting facts but don’t diverge too much.

Remove Tagged Photos

Be selective on what can be viewed on your wall. If you have been tagged photos that you feel are of low quality or don’t match up to your profile, change settings to hide them from your page. Allow only those you think are good enough for your audience. 

Image Credits: Instagram from mojo cp/Shutterstock

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