How to Increase BSNL Broadband Speed


This article is for the ones who is vexed of using the slow internet and wants to boost up their broadband speed with some simple techniques which I’m gonna enlighten you with. BSNL broadband is predominantly used by many in present day world. BSNL has recently applied a new scheme of 2 Mbps minimum broadband speed which is though confined to high speed usage and which will take a turn back to the vintage speed of 512 Kbps which BSNL has been providing all these years and which is just a fact of few areas in the country and many of them are yet to see the face of this new scheme. This needs to be optimized to get a better speed.

Present day scenario states that BSNL the list of broadband users in numbers though it also takes you through few hurdles like few sites being dormant when you try to load them and a gradual decrease in proportionality of the internet speed with the internet usage which are some setbacks faced by substantial users.

I’m going to suggest you few techniques which can be implemented to increase BSNL  broadband internet speed.

On account of Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s Initiative of Digitalizing India BSNL has increased its minimum broadband internet speed by 4 times which is from the existing 512 Kbps to 2 Mbps.

3 Top Techniques that can be implemented to increase the broadband speed of BSNL Broadband.

DNS Settings

As a BSNL Broadband user when you face connectivity issues like few websites neither loading nor responding to the internet and few website’s issue which says “This site can’t be reached” and after a few attempts of reloading, it responds and the page is loaded, DNS might can be the reason of it which can be optimized by changing Google DNS Settings.

Click on the Network and Sharing Centre and select the Network tab.

Now open the priorities tab and select the priorities of TCP IPV4.

Now changes the DNS Settings as mentioned below.

Preferred DNS Settings :

Alternate DNS :

By these changes in Settings you see a upswing in your broadband connection and helps in increasing your page loading speed.

Clearing Browser Cache

Internet speed also depends on our browser. When the browser has a lots of unused cache memory we tend to see a substantial decrease in the internet speed and we need to clear the cache before it gets full to avoid connectivity issues.

Not clearing the cache memory and browser history results in connectivity issues like browser slowing down and ultimately browser crash. So it is mandatory to clear the cache memory and the browsing history to optimize your broadband internet speed.

Change the value using Group Policy Editor

Change in the value using Group Policy Editor can optimize the BSNL broadband internet speed subsequently.

Go to the Start Menu

Search Run

On RUN type ‘gpedit.msc’.

It will open the Group Policy Editor.

Navigate to ‘Locate Computer Policy’ > Computer Configuration > Administrative Templates > Networks > QOS Packet Scheduler > Limit Reservable Bandwidth.

Now, Double click on the “Limit Reservable Bandwidth” option.

Change to value from 20 to 0.

Using TCP Optimizer Software

One of the most dominant variables in regulating the broadband internet speed is TCP/IP where TCP is abbreviated as “Transmission Control Protocol” and IP as “Internet Protocol”. TCP ( Transmission Control Protocol ) has to be optimized based on the ISP ( Internet Service Provider) you are connected to. This can be optimized using any of the free TCP Optimizer tools available in the market.

By implementing the above stated simple techniques you can avail the privileges of faster internet using the BSNL Broadband connection.

BSNL broadband users doesn’t anymore need to face the connectivity issues hence relieved from the slow internet stress.