Improve Your Outdoor Kitchen For This Summer!


Configuring Your Backyard For Culinary Excellence

Not everyone lives in some equatorial paradise. For most of America, there are true seasons. Itís cold in winter, warm in spring, summer can be downright sweltering, things cool again in autumn, and then with the freeze of winter, the process begins again as the New Year starts. Certainly, California is primarily temperate; you can grill outside year-round there. Thatís not the whole country, though.

For most people, grilling is going to be a summertime activity. Still, thereís no harm in preparing for annual outdoor fun. You may be surprised at the advantages of actually configuring your backyard such that it functions as an outdoor kitchen. Grills, stoves, and barbecue pits can be quite warm in winter.

If you’re looking for ways to upgrade your outdoor kitchen without breaking the bank, RTA Outdoor Living offers high-quality outdoor kitchen cabinets that are perfect for a do it yourself project this summer.

As fun and carefree as it is to grill in summer, in winter it can be downright cozy to gather around a warm surface and prepare a fine meal. Even so, most think about summer when they think about grilling outdoors, and that makes sense. But even when itís warm almost every day, it still rains occasionally. So, you need protection preparation of the best gas grills to have an excellent outdoor picnic during any weather.

Making Food Preparation Convenient

Itís integral to have some sort of storage option for your outdoor food prep implements. You want brushes to bathe varying cuts of meat in delicious barbecue sauce. Youíll need spatulas and tongs, youíll want plates, and itís pretty convenient when youíve got spices right at your fingertips. The question is this: how do you store all these things?

Well, this can be done quite simply. All youíve got to do is install some cabinets. And you donít have to purchase extremely expensive units, either. Of course, you could if you felt so inclined; but especially regarding an outdoor kitchen youíre building for the summer, it can be wise to conserve your resources.

A great way to do this is to go the RTA route. Ready To Assemble cabinets is cost-effective and ďmade to orderĒ. You give them the dimensions, they send you the cabinet, you build it on-site. For a point of reference, look at this website which features some of the best online cabinets ó both of the RTA variety, and the more traditional kind.

Shelter From The Elements

Next, youíll want some sort of seating arrangement and some sort of shelter. Pergolas can be perfect for thisóthey make it so youíve got a sheltered dining area. A gazebo might be in order as well, though these can be a bit more pricey. Alternatively, cantilevered slats can be installed which you can activate at the press of a button to keep rain or snow out.

White gazebo.
White gazebo in the courtyard of a cozy cottage in the village.

The Right Grill

Also, youíve got to ask yourself: what is an outdoor kitchen without a good grill? Certainly, you can just throw some metal mesh over a fire. That might workóitíll probably get dangerous, youíll probably get burned, and youíll likely mess up the meat; but some folks like to do their best MacGyver impression when grilling. They like to improvise solutions.

Maybe thatís fun if youíre on your own, but if youíre preparing food for your family, or your friends, you want to make the experience enjoyable for everybody. The community in the outdoors during summer is an American tradition, and itís an excellent way to spend time with those you care about.

Certainly, you can go with charcoal, and some prefer the taste of charcoal, but a gas grill has a lot to recommend it. Itís more convenient, easier to get started, more controllable, and has a greater purity. True, some like the flavor of charcoal; many donítóand there is certainly the presence of carcinogens to consider. Gas grills are actually more healthy.

barbeque meat on the grill with white smoke

A True Kitchen For Your Outdoor Space

The great outdoors can be enjoyed in your adjacent backyard, or even on a deck or porch extending out from your apartment. Thereís an old saying that goes something like: there are twenty-four hours in a day; how you use them is really up to you. The same sort of sentiment can be applied to space.

Your deck or backyard could be a space, it could be a storage space, you could make it a garden, you could make it a kitchen, or you could combine these elements through careful planning and the right tools. Whatever you choose, summer is coming soon, and thereís a high potential for outdoor fun.