Improve Your Business’s Reputation In Three Easy Steps

Business Reputation

In this day and age, business success is all about finding new ways to help gain new potential customers, one of the best ways is to hire an?online reputation management?company to build your reputation and trust in your brand.

Traditional plans of action such as participating in networking events and leafleting may still achieve some success, but the use of digital tools now affords us with a means of targeting a much larger and broader audience. There are a number of easy, affordable, and quick ways you can do this. Here we will take a look at the top 3 things you can start doing that will have an immediate effect on your company’s reputation.

Send out newsletters or press releases

A few months ago we discussed ways you can improve your online performance using SEO and storytelling in your online content. This same advice can also be used offpage, through the creation of marketing materials that help to spread your company name and message. For instance, creating and sending a newsletter is a relatively easy task that can have a big effect. Whether you choose to send something daily, weekly or monthly, you are able to create a direct communication channel with your customers and work up an email list. Alternatively, sending out press releases and statements keeps people up-to-date with recent company news and successes.

Register with online directories

Increasingly, people use online directories to locate companies. This means making sure you are highly visible in a range of different listings. Compile a list of the most important sites and register your business, or use the help of a service which connects and maintains your company presence. For instance, 1&1’s business listings plan enables your company information to be saved and updated with all of the major directories. This makes it far easier to reach out to customers and respond to feedback when comments and ratings are left.

Make sure your site is secure

With so many stories in the news about online safety, people are on high alert for unsafe websites. Firstly, make sure you are using an SSL certificate and switch to HTTPS, a more secure browser connection. The encryption of data passed between your computer and browser with this level of security is especially important if your site requires visitors to enter credit card details or personal information. Additionally, you can use any number of the free online tools out there which will scan your company URL and detect threats or malware. Gravity Scan is one such tool which can provide you with a report on your site security and performance, helping you to target and quickly take action against vulnerabilities.