How Important is it to Replace Your Vape Hardware?

vaping hardware

Developing an addiction to nicotine is a lot easier than it is to get rid of an addiction. According to WebMD, the third day of quitting smoking cigarettes is considered the “peak” of nicotine withdrawal. Most smokers will find that the road ahead gets a lot easier after the first two weeks. The long-term brain changes that caused the addiction in the first place will slowly ease off, but not without potential side-effects, such as difficulty sleeping, irritability and a surge in appetite.

Thankfully, smokers can now become non-smokers by different means to going cold turkey. Vaping is a trend that is sweeping across the globe and for very good reason. An e-cigarette (e-cig) can be carried in your hand, pocket or bag and used for immediate relief from cravings. However, despite the convenience that vape hardware offers, it is imperative that you maintain yours and replace the parts, when necessary.

Vaping Offers a Cleaner Alternative to Smoking

If you didn’t know already, vaping is a habit that approximately 9 million Americans have taken up. There are millions of global vapers, a large portion of which will have started vaping as a way of giving up smoking. An effective way to reduce nicotine intake, all the while satisfying a nicotine craving, vaping is a portable, healthier way to puff. The chemicals contained in vapes are in no way as harmful as the thousands of chemicals found in tobacco smoke. Vapers can also choose how heavy they want the hits to be by adjusting the smoke level setting.

Types of Vape Hardware You Need to Maintain

You can increase the lifespan of your vape hardware if you know which parts you ought to maintain. Below, we highlight the main components that need some tender loving care on a regular basis:

  1. The Coil. This component is responsible for heating up the e-liquid that comes into contact with the heating chamber. It can burnout after a while, so stock up on replacement parts and male a habit of changing the coil every couple of weeks. Remember to prime it for maximum performance.
  2. Clear the Connection – It is not uncommon for debros to accumulate and prevent a vape from working as it should. For example, grime build-up near the power button will make it a challenge to switch your device on! Use a bristle brush or Q-Tip to clean blocked areas.
  3. The Mouthpiece – You wouldn’t put your lips around the end of an old cigarette butts time and time again, so why do the same with your vaping device? Bacteria build-up and grime can make the mouthpiece smell and taste unpleasant. Rinse it with warm, clean water to keep it in good condition.
  4. The Clearomizer – A clearomizer or coil head will usually last between 3-14 days. Fill the clearomizer with a natural cleaning solution or isopropyl alcohol and rinse the entire part, before drying and fixing back into place.
  5. The E-Liquid Tank – If leaks or excess fluid is causing faults with your device, make an effort to replace the tank immediately. Failure to do so could break the device completely.

Understanding How Frequently to Replace Vape Hardware

A number of warning signs will arise when your vape hardware is in need of replacing. By spotting the signs in the early stages, there is less chance of your device dying prematurely. Your senses will come in handy for detecting the following signs of a problem:

  • The e-juice loses its flavor and is masked by a burning taste.
  • The e-cigarette is leaking fluid.
  • The vape is overheating or failing to charge properly.
  • The smoke level is losing power.
  • Every puff is accompanied by a gurgling noise.

Tips for Extending the Lifespan of Vaping Tools

Aside from cleaning your vaping device every so often, it is your responsibility to practice proper vaping behavior. One of the most obvious (but important) rules for vaping involves storage. Conceal the battery from direct sunlight and direct heat sources, such as radiators and heaters. Replace the battery if it starts to lose power and buy a protective case to ensure your vape is not exposed to the elements all of the time.

Finding a Supplier of Vape Hardware

Pay attention to the prices to make sure you are not getting ripped off and spend some time scouring the web for customer reviews. Retailers must carry a valid nicotine license if they are to legally sell vaping products.

If you are buying from an online retailer, inspect their terms and conditions to determine if the products you purchase are covered by warranty. Another tip is to log onto social media to assess their social media presence. In such a blossoming industry, vape companies need to be at the top of their game and present audiences with an enticing selection of vaping videos and media.