Impactful Tips and Tricks of Video Making and Editing for Social Media


In the current age, promoting a product through social media is the best way to get reasonable conversion rates. Plenty of brands and businesses are using the various features available on social media to create an impact on their content.

However, it has been recently proved by some statistics experts that using videos on the landing pages can increase conversion rates by 86%

This does not come as a surprise as many people love watching YouTube videos in their free time. The sole reason for this is because such videos are fun to watch and can be seen from any device. 

As a result, this article will provide some insightful and impactful tips for video making and editing. Thus, you can use these techniques while filming and creating your next social media video content. 

Tips and Tricks of Video Making for Social Media 

Incidentally, it is essential to understand that creating and directing a video isnít as easy as it sounds. You have to understand your target consumers and pitch the video accordingly. Moreover, you should not overdo it with unnecessary filters or effects that feel out of place. 

Hence, go through the following tips to learn about effective techniques. 

1. Plan your video strategy 

Whenever you are creating content for social media, it is always essential to plan. This will help you to analyze and stick to the purpose of your creation. 

The main point of planning your strategy is to note down the things you want to create. By prioritizing this step, you get a logical idea of the kind of story you want to develop. 

Hence, you need to focus on your content distribution and target audience research. Additionally, you should compile a list of ideas and tasks that you wish to reflect on in your video content. 

2. State a captivating story 

Once you are fulfilled with your content plan and strategy, determine the significant purpose of your video content. Therefore, you may need to decide whether the content needs to be motivational or if it is an advertisement. 

Deciding and dedicating yourself to this step is important because your story and the emotion behind it determines the type of audience you will get. Besides that, your story develops the connection that you need to be a successful creator for your brand.

 Another point to remember during this process is ensuring that your audience gets the right message from your video. Make sure that your content can grasp your viewerís attention and promotes your brand at the same time. 

3. Creating consciousness in the first few seconds 

Researchers found that 58% of your audience will stop watching your videos in 90 seconds. This means that they will try to understand the message of the video in the first 10 seconds. 

Hence, you must use these first few seconds wisely to create an impact. Social media nowadays has shortened its time limit for uploading videos as well. 

Moreover, this gives you an added advantage. Shorter videos have proved to impact the audience positively. However, do not try to shorten the message that you wish to deliver with short videos. 

4. Observing the quality 

Make sure your video has the best quality when it comes to filming and editing. The trick is to develop the video professionally. You should try this even if your content or your brand is casual or small-scale. 

By making it professional, youíre telling your audience that your products are trustworthy. Low-quality videos arenít something that will attract potential clients. You can use free online video editor without watermark to enhance the quality.

Also, the quality is not only about the video quality but also about your creativity and purpose, as mentioned earlier. 

5. Focus on the lighting 

As much as it is essential to shoot the video in a steady environment, focusing on light settings is important too. 

Try to choose a place where the lighting is good as it influences the content that youíre filming. Donít rely on editing software to give extra light to your videos. 

It is vital to note that software is used only for enhancing the videos and not for fixing the problems. Also, make sure that you use the right software that doesnít downgrade the quality of the video.  

6. Make your videos short and precise 

This step has already been mentioned above that the shorter the video is, the better the influence. The average attention span has reduced to 8 seconds according to research conducted by Time Magazine. 

However, as we approach 2020, there is a possibility that it has become lower than that. Also, nobody likes advertisements that are 10 minutes or longer than that. 

As much as people enjoy watching videos, they also think itís time-consuming. As a result, it is vital that your video content is to the point and attentive at the same time. 

By making it shorter, youíre giving them a chance to discover the approach youíre making. This will develop a sense of eagerness for your audience to follow up with your brand or company. 

7. Involve a Call-To-Action 

The final tip includes a call-to-action at the end of your video content. A call-to-action means promoting your brand or your company by adding links to visit your brandís website. 

You cannot just include the links in the description and hope for people to click on then. You need to call it out by telling the audience about the ongoing offers and events you have available. 

Most of the brandís videos are unsuccessful because they are failing at this final step. By including CTAís in your videos, you are directing your viewers on what to do next. 

Therefore, CTAís play a vital role in your video content by giving the audience a specific direction after the video. 

To Summarise

Making a significant impact through your social media isnít easy. However, understanding these essential tips will greatly help you to improve your chances of getting noticed by your followers. 

There are various software that can provide you great tools for creating and editing your videos. A lot of these sites have in-built tools like the free photo slideshow maker with music that is suitable for casual users. So, go ahead and take your advertising to the next level with these tips.