IMDBPro – The Most Active Service for People in Showbiz

I am sure many of you love Cinema and while searching for a movie name you must have come across IMDB – Internet Movie Database. IMDB will always be on top of any search engine as its an excellent resource for any movie enthusiasts.

You can see many things on an IMDB movie page like – Trivia, Release dates, Plot summaries and information about the Cast. However, above all IMDB has something extra that is called IMDBPro. It is a paid subscription that was launched in 2002, that offers valuable information in Showbiz and the media sector.

With over 60million registered users, IMDB has over 3.3 million titles and 6.6 million personalities in its database. You can guess what potential this site has for their IMDBPro account holders. In this post, we will be digging deep under the IMDBPro account and see how does it help people in Showbiz and what does it hold for you.

IMDbPro – What it is Exactly?

With more than ten years now, IMDBPro has become a daily routine for people in Showbiz and industry professionals like Film-makers, Journalists, Actors, Screenwriters, and moviegoers. It gives a deeper insight of Showbiz industry and invaluable information about those people who run the industry. The info that can’t be found anywhere else.

If you want to connect to people in Showbiz you will get all the contact listing from IMDBPro. This media industry depends on and around contacts andnetworking you have, the more you could fetch from it. You could bag a film or grab the next script writing all of this and plenty of information for journalists and movie enthusiasts.

You will get insider news of industry and filmographies etc. So, by looks of it, every person related to this industry can benefit from it due to the great network people inside IMDBPro.

Moreover, if you are looking for a career in movie or television industry, I suggest you to take advantage of this excellent resource.

The Features and the User Interface

Pro Casting

In March 2014, IMDBPro launched a feature called as Pro Casting, it makes the discovery of casting roles easier for actors. Actors can browse relevant listing for casting and audition for TV and films.

Artists can apply for their dream roles by submitting their customized profile page of IMDBPro.

Reels and Resume

The page listing of Actors is a boon to them; they can show their experience, headshots, demo reels and resume in a customized profile page of theirs.

Making the process of finding roles easier for wannabe actors for a film or a TV show.

Film-maker and Casting roles

Film-makers can make use of the Pro Casting feature and find a suitable actor for any particular position they want. They can post as many as much in the casting requirements, and film-makers will find it quite useful once they get use to it.

They can narrow down the experience and skill set of actors, and it can lead them to a perfect match for the particular role they are finding from tons of available options.

Through Database

More than 6 million people are listed in the IMDBPro database, and people from various backgrounds and profession can be searched from here. Actors, Filmmakers, Journalists and movie enthusiasts all are here to be found. Plus you have all the listings of forthcoming releases and upcoming films, TV shows, etc.

Box office collection, insights like movie trivia and other tons of insightful information can be found on IMDBPro.

The Agent and Representative Search

IMDBPro also makes it possible to find the agents and representatives of actors, filmmakers, etc. It can be beneficial for Screenwriters in way that they can find same writers like them and look for agents who represented the author for further contact.

Industry news for Journalists

Journalists can take much advantage of IMDBPro. They can get the inside industry news, fresh news daily, facts of upcoming releases. More information about location, cast, delays, crew and many more updates of such sort can be taken directly from it.

The Price

IMDBPro has two types of a subscription package; one is monthly, and the other is annual. The monthly subscription with Pro Casting feature enabled is $19.99 while the annual fee is $149.99 charged at once. You also have an option of 30-day free trial account where you can use all of the above features and more before taking a decision of subscribing for a longer term.

Finally is it worth?

Now you know what this tool is all about, and people in Showbiz would never get another intelligent network anywhere else. I would suggest wannabe actors, movie enthusiasts, screenwriters to get a subscription, the price and everything else is totally justified.

Moreover, you have a trial for a month, see if you can get help from it before finalizing anything. IMDBPro is growing fast and its database in increasing like nothing.

If you had ever opened an IMDBpro account, then do tell us how was it? We would love to know your thoughts and comment.